How to Build a DVD CD Duplicator

What You'll Need
DVDs/CDs (as per requirement)
PC case with additional bays
Motherboard with sufficient IDE ports
Basic Operating System
Hard Drive (120 GB/40 GB)
A CD/DVD drive
Multiple DVD-RW drives
Nero Burning ROM
Ribbon Cable
Power Supply

A DVD CD duplicator is extremely useful for making multiple copies of a particular CD/DVD in a given time. It is easy to use and with intermediate knowledge about computers and hardware, constructing one from scratch should not be hard.  DVD Duplicators also save ample amounts of time and money and are a must for individuals working within the music or film industries. 


Step one:  Choosing the Hardware

One of the biggest advantages to creating a DVD CD duplicator is that in the process, you will be using parts from an old computer which you might throw away otherwise. A basic monitor, keyboard and mouse will do with no special features needed. Use a PC that has sufficient number of bays in the front to place your DVD drives in. Obtain a Hard Drive Disk of 120 GB for making DVD copies and a 40 GB drive, in case of CD replication. Use a DVD drive that is in a good condition since this will determine the speed of the entire process. Purchase DVD-RW drives according to the number of expansion ports available. This is where the duplicate CDs/DVDs will be placed. Lastly the number of IDE ports available on your motherboard will determine the number of DVD drives you can connect. Therefore use any functioning motherboard with sufficient number of ports. You might have to add more ports as per your requirements.  Keep in mind that AUDIO CD format or Audio DVD formats are non-recording therefore use any DVD/CD apart from these.


Step two: Choosing the Software

You do not need to use any particular Operating System since no special features are required. Purchase Nero Burning ROM for this particular task as your application software for burning the DVD/CD. Install Nero on your system.

Step three: Putting it together

First, set up the computer as you normally would. Place the DVD drive into the first empty bay at the front of the PC case. Place the rest of the DVD-RW drives in the following expansion ports.  Use the ribbon cable to connect the motherboard to the back of the DVD drive. In case you cannot locate the IDE connection on your motherboard, use the motherboard’s manual. Connect the power supply to your PC.

Step four: Hardware Care

Since burning actually involves burning the disk with a laser, the process produces a lot of heat. Make sure that there is room between your expansion ports and they are not stacked close together. Do not remove the case since this will only lead to overheating of the system. The key is to have good airflow between the bays. Have additional cooling for your tower if you suspect overheating. 

    Step five: Creating multiple copies

    Run Nero on your computer. It will automatically detect the DVD to be copied and the blank DVDs that it needs to be copied onto. Create multiple copies of your CD/DVD.