How To Build A Family-Size Kitchen Table

What You'll Need
Four 30 x 2 x 2 inches pieces of lumber
Eight 2 inch L-shaped metal brackets
1 1/2 inch wood screws package
Table Top
Power Drill

There are countless benefits to having a family-sized kitchen table in addition to a dining room table. A table in the kitchen is more convenient for casual meals as well as easier to clean and less expensive to replace. There is something cozy and intimate about sharing breakfast as a family in the most welcoming area of the home.

The dimensions for your table will depend on the size of your family. Adjust the plans below according to your family’s needs.

Sample Dimensions

  • A rectangular kitchen table for four people: 30L x 48W x 30H inches
  • A round, pedestal style kitchen table for four people: 42 Diam. x 30H inches

Step 1 - Sand the Wood

Lightly sand the wood so that all edges are smooth.

Step 2 - Attach the Brackets

Position each bracket against the inside of a table leg and screw it into the wood. You can also mark the holes with a pencil first and then pre-drill to make it easier to drill in the screws. Attach a bracket to each table leg.

Attach another bracket to each leg 90 degrees away from the first bracket.

Step 3 - Screw On Table Top

Now you will need screws which are not as long as the tabletop is thick. This is so that your screws will not go through or show. Place your tabletop on the floor with the bottom side up. Now take turns attaching each of the table legs to the four corners of your tabletop.

Step 4 - Check for Sturdiness

You are now ready to turn the table over and check it for sturdiness. If the table moves when you shake it with slight pressure you can drill a long screw diagonally through each the top of the table into each table leg. You can use dowels or wood putty if you like to cover the screw head.

Step 5 - Paint or Stain

The table is now ready to paint or stain the color of your choice. Depending on the wood you are using applying a stain will result in a more attractive table. Keep the area well ventilated and let it dry overnight.

You have built your very own family-sized kitchen table inexpensively. You can maintain the appearance of this new addition to your home by lightly sanding and repainting or restaining it as needed.

Enjoy your next family meal on your beautiful and durable new table.