How to Build a Feed Box

What You'll Need
Lumber (2x4s or 2x6x)
Nails (galvanized)
Tape Measure
Outdoor stain or paint
Measuring tape
Hammer or Nail Gun

A feed box can be used to feed all sorts of different animals. If you have pigs for example, they would get a lot of use and enjoyment out of a feedbox. The same is true for horses. Any animal that enjoys grazing throughout the day or any pack of animals that you may have as part of your family are greatly suited to using a feedbox. Instead of spending a great deal of money on purchasing a feed box from your local farm supply store, with a few tools and a couple supplies, you can make your own feedbox for your family friends. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 - Lay Out the Feed Box

Begin by making some decisions on how big you want your feed box to be. You need to decide on the following measurements:

    • The length of the feed box
    • The Width of the Feed box
    • The Height of the Feed box

      Step 2 - Cut the Wood

      Once you have decided on the measurements, take out the lumber from your storage location and cut them to size. Mark off each individual piece of lumber before you cut it. This insures you are as accurate as possible in your measurements and cuts. Remember to create sections for your flooring as well. The floor should be equal to the width and length of your feedbox. You can use these dimensions to calculate how many slats you will need for the bottom of the feed box.

      Step 3 - Assemble the Feed Box

      Begin by assembling the frame. Connect the bottom frame. This will consist of the two lengths and the two widths of the box. Do not add the sections for the floor yet. Connect the pieces using a hammer and nails. Galvanized nails work best because they will resist corrosion from outdoor weathering. Next, assemble the sides. Place the lumber pieces vertically and nail them together on an angle. You will need to add the sides that are responsible for the length and the width of the box. This will create your box height.

      Lastly, attach the floor. Remember to leave a couple small gaps on the feed floor (gaps should not be large enough for the feet to fall through). The gaps will prevent water from laying inside the feed box over hours and days.

      Step 4 - Stain or Paint

      Get out some stain and paint and finish off your feed box. Remember to use a paint or a stain that is not hazardous to your animals. To make sure that you are purchasing the right stain, ask someone at the local home improvement center. They will be able to direct you appropriately. Allow the stain and the paint to dry completely before you use your feed box for your animals.