How to Build a Fiberglass Pool Slide

What You'll Need
Fiberglass slide
Cinder blocks
Tool kit

Fiberglass pool slides are strong yet light weighted slides. Knitting tiny glass threads together into fabric and then solidifying the fabric with the polyester resin assemble them. Moreover, weather-resistant gel makes them smooth. A fiberglass pool slide adds hours of fun, pleasure and excitement to your swimming pool. There is a simple way to build your own fiberglass pool slide which is explained below.

Step 1 – Making a Rough Sketch

The first step is to measure the vicinity where you are planning to construct your slide. Then make a rough draft of the blueprint, considering the taste, size, age and the weight of the persons who will use it frequently. You can have a flume slide. Flume makes the slide more fun and slippery but it complicates the building procedure.

Step 2 - Buy a Slide

You can easily purchase a fiberglass slide from a pool supply company. Some slides require little assembling and some slides comes with the customizable kits. You need to select the slide, which fits into your pool perfectly.

Step 3 – Building the Slide

Now build your slide by connecting the parts with the given hardware tools. Follow the instructions given by the company carefully. The pieces should be flushed where they hook up so they must not create a safety risk.

Step 4 – Positioning the Slide

You should position the slide in such a way that it suspends over the border of your pool slightly. Make sure that the people who utilize your slide finish up in the water and not over the border of your pool. Lastly, anchor your slide with the concrete or fasten it to the floor by using bolts

 Step 5 - The process of Attaching the Slide to the Ladder

Put up your stepladder near the profound end of your pool and place your fiberglass slide at the peak of the stepladder. You should adjust your ladder in such a way that once the slide is joined to the ladder the slide should hang over the border of your pool about 4 inches below. Then fasten your stepladder to the floor by using lag bolts or concrete anchors for wood and concrete decking respectively.

Step 6 – Attaching the slide

To attach your slide to the stepladder you need to have carriage bolts, they usually have the round heads. Place the apex of the slide at the apex of your stepladder. Then drill holes through your slide into the peak/head of the stepladder and fasten the two together by using carriage bolts. Use two scattering out as easily as they can set off and still connected to the ladder. Then drill a middle hole for the third bolt.

Step 7 – Final step

The base of your slide may rest on the floor or be held up by using concrete cinder blocks. You need to be careful about the end of your slide, which should be over the rim of your pool by 4 inches at least. This would save you from any injury as you slip off the end of your slide into the pool.