How to Build a Fire Pit How to Build a Fire Pit

It is easy to build a fire pit without the help of a professional. Begin by deciding where the future location of your fire pit will be; place it at least 12 feet away from any flammable vegetation. Also, it is important that your fire pit does not sit on top of any underground electrical wires or pipes. A large sustained fire is powerful enough to heat the ground beneath it, potentially melting these pipes and wires.

Attach a 4 foot long string to the top of a pole and drive it into the center of your future pit. Pull the string taunt and circle around the pole, using the path as a guide to mark the circumference of the pit. Next, hollow out the circle to a depth of at least 1 foot. Try to keep the sides of the circle as straight and level as possible.

Once you have completed this, you must create another hole in the center of the circle; at least 1 foot deep and 8 inches in diameter. This hole will collect rainwater and distribute it to the soil; preventing your fire pit from collecting water.

Fill the fire pit with gravel one inch deep, double check to make sure that the hole you excavated in the center of your pit is completely full. Next, cover the gravel with approximately 2 inches of sand; the sand will prevent your fire from burning the roots of plants which could cause a fire. These 2 steps are essential because they aid in drainage and protect the plant life beneath your fire.

Surround your fire pit with at least 3 rows of concrete pavers or natural stones. Do not purchase pavers that have been treated with water because they will shatter in the presence of fire. When purchasing materials for this step, it is best to ask a professional which material he or she recommends. However, natural stones work just as well as any concrete paver and are much less expensive to replace. It is a matter of personal preference on how you would like your fire pit to appear: well-kept and modern or natural.

You should not use any adhesive in the stacking process because it will burn off and release toxic fumes. Also, dry stacked stones are easier to replace when they break; breakage is an inevitable byproduct of fire and weather. After you have stacked the stones, your self-made fire pit is ready to be used!

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