How to Build a Fire Pit from Brick How to Build a Fire Pit from Brick

What You'll Need
Mesh cover
Sheet metal
Any kind of grill grate

Building a brick fire pit is not too hard to do, and it won’t put a hole in your pocket because you already have most of the materials and tools needed just around your yard. They are great for parties and are fairly easy to dispose of when you are done with them. A sledge hammer can knock them down with relative ease. It can take about a day depending on if you do it yourself or have some friends over to help. Professionals can be called for unique designs, but it’s just as easy to do it yourself. Building a fire pit can take a little longer and take a little more work if it’s going to be a permanent addition to your yard. This guide will just be how to make a fire pit that won’t be up forever. To be as safe, keep the fire pit as far away from flammable things as possible so there isn’t a fire where you don’t want one.

Step 1 - Planning

You need to find out how big of a pit you want, and plan accordingly. Measure the width of the area you want the brick fire pit to be. Since you are only going to be making a small brick pit, try to use as few bricks as possible. Finding a grate that will satisfy however many articles of food you are cooking on it will be more efficient. The important thing about a grate is it needs to be a little bit bigger than the fire pit itself to make sure it’s safe. After you plan and mark everything, review your measurements to make sure everything is correct.

Step 2 - Digging the Hole

Most fire pits are better off being dug out so it can be underground, and the fire can be better preserved without the danger of setting something else on fire. Make sure there is enough room for the wood to be put under the grate.

Step 3 - Laying Brick for the Wall

After you are done measuring how big the fire pit will be, it is time to lay the walls. Try to mark every spot, and how much room the brick will be taking up to keep it as accurate as possible. Now it is time to put down the base bricks. The base bricks need to be placed perfectly to keep the fire pit steady to prevent any unwanted fire leakage. Start laying the rest of the layers in a certain formation which consists of placing a brick directly in the center of the brick below it. Make the pit as high as you want, but keep in mind the higher the formation, the less stable and safe the pit will be. Four bricks high is the recommended height. If you make it too high, it’s impossible to cook anything, but if you make it too small you run the risk of getting burnt or burning the food.

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