How to Build a Flat Roof Deck Cover

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
4 x 4 Posts
Skill Saw
Jig Saw
3 Inch Carriage Bolts
Chalk Line
2 X 6 Lumber
Waterproof Fabric
Sewing Machine

A flat roof deck makes a perfect spot for lounging after a long day of work. While many flat roof decks are not especially large, many people enjoy taking in a sunset, reading a book, or just enjoying some downtime with a loved one. To make their flat roof deck a more enjoyable place to be, many homeowners elect to build a roof to protect them from direct sunshine or rain. If you have a flat roof deck, here are some steps you can take for building a covering of your own. 

Step 1: Take Measurements and Prepare Flat Roof Deck

Before you can erect a roof covering to your deck you will need to take some measurements for buying the supplies you need. Clean off the deck of any furniture, dirt, and any overhanging branches from trees that will interfere with the covering.

Step 2: Install Posts 

On the far end of the flat roof deck you will need to install two 4 x 4 posts to hold up the stretcher beams. These can be installed through the use of a beam holder or by cutting a half lap joint and installing it on the side of the deck. The beam holder will be more stable. Install the holder with carriage bolts directly into the deck frame. Then, stand the 7 foot post into the holder and secure with more carriage bolts. 

Step 3: Install Runner

Next, you will need to install a running beam from the front posts to the roof of your home. If there is no roof to attach to, you will need to install two more posts at the far end. Cut the 2 x 6 posts at an angle that is consistent with the pitch of the home. Tie these 2 x 6 runners into the roof of the home through carriage bolts that are driven into the top of each beam. Attach to the posts with 4 carriage bolts. 

Step 4: Install Stretcher Beams

In order to set the fabric for your covering of the flat roof deck you will need to install some stretcher beams across each of the runner beams. Set the 2 x 6 stretchers on top of the runners and secure with 3 inch screws at a toenail. Space the stretcher beams at a distance of 2 feet in between each one. 

Step 5: Cut Fabric to Size

Measure the length and the width of the structure. Add another 6 inches to the width and 12 inches to the length. Cut a waterproof fabric to size with a pair of scissors or utility knife. 

Step 6: Prepare Fabric for Installation

Fold over two inches of fabric on each side and sew them together for a hem. On the front and back of the fabric fold in 2 inches for another hem. There will be 8 inches of overhang on the front as a decorative element. 

Step 7: Install Fabric Covering

To finish off the flat roof deck cover install the fabric to the top of the stretcher beams with staples along the edge.