How to Build a Footstool with a Storage Shelf How to Build a Footstool with a Storage Shelf

What You'll Need
4 pieces of timber beading
18mm MDF board
40mm screws
Craft glue

If you do not happen to have a lot of storage space, building a footstool with storage can be an easy solution. It is a handy way to achieve ample storage for items such as toys, books and magazines, knitting supplies and more. An ideal addition to your living room, you might even store remotes or the TV guide in it. A foot stool is also a nice place to sit if an extra seat is needed.

Step 1 – Cut the MDF board

Begin by cutting the MDF board into three different pieces. Cut the pieces so that you have two measuring 500mm x 220 mm for the front and back, two measuring 350mm x 220mm for the sides, and two measuring 540mm x 426mm for the base and the lid.

Step 2 – Assemble

Start by gluing the front and back pieces to the two side pieces. Then screw them together using the 40mm screws, for added strength. Leave a small lip along the edge to give the stool a unique look. Next, glue the base on, followed by screws, in the same manner that the front and back was attached. Leave an overhang of 20mm all the way around to make it easier for lifting the lid off the completed stool.

Step 3 – Castors

Attach the castors onto the bottom of the footstool.

Step 4 – Decorate

Begin by gluing the foam to the top. Next, wrap the fabric of your choice around the top and staple it in place to the underside of the lid. Attach a matching backing cloth to the back underside of the lid and attach the four pieces of timber beading to the inside corners of the lid. This will help keep the cover in place when it is closed. The beading should be rectangular and cut to fit just inside the measurements of the foot stool when it is closed. Now the lid can be removed or replaced as you desire.

Extra Tip

Most of the pieces, including the wood, castors, and screws can be purchased at your local hardware store. The fabric, glue and foam can be found at most department stores.

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