How to Build a Four-Poster Canopy Bed

What You'll Need
Fabric tulle or sheer netting
Glue gun and glue sticks
Screw in cup hooks
Metal ring, 12 inches
Fishing line, clear
Tulle or sheer netting, 32 yards
Ribbon, 2 inches wide, more than one yard
Embellishments (optional)

A four-poster canopy bed can be romantic for couples, a great source of amusement for children and safety for anyone living in a climate where it is necessary to protect themselves from insects or drafts. If you are interested in making a canopy bed, one can be made from an existing four-poster bed frame or you can build one from scratch. For this page, we will show you how to make a canopy for an existing four poster bed.

Step 1 - Fabric Preparation

You will need to cut the tulle or sheer netting into four, 8 yard pieces. Each piece will be folded in half. Make sure that the raw edges are straight as these will become the ends of the canopy. The folded edges will be the top of the canopy. Lay all the pieces flat.

At the top of fabric, place a lock stitch using the needle. Bring the needle in an out of the top of the fabric pieces, pulling to gather at the same time, until you reach the end of the fourth piece. Pull the thread to tighten until it is approximately 4 to 5 inches around. When it is the right size, create another lock stitch to finish.

Step 2 - Putting the Canopy Together

Glue each piece of the fabric to the top of the metal ring, then glue the 2 inch wide ribbon to the outside of the fabric that is glued to the ring to hide the gathers. At this point, you have the option of gluing embellishments to the ribbon.

Take the fishing line and cut 4 pieces that are 26 inches long. Tie 1 piece equally in 4 places on the ring making sure to place them so that the ring will hang evenly. Tie the top end of each piece of the fishing line so that they form four loops.

Step 3 - Hanging the Canopy

Take the 4 hooks and screw them into the ceiling at the center point of the bed. Using the loops in the fishing line that is attached to the fabric, hang the canopy from the hooks.

Take each raw end of the fabric and drape it on the inside or the outside of each of the 4 posts on the bed. Tie with the ribbon. You can leave the fabric tied to the bedposts as a decorative touch or you can untie the fabric and use the canopy as a functional purpose as well as decorative.

Note: Care must be taken when there is a canopy and children or pets as they could become entangled in the fabric or the ties.