How to Build a Frame for Your Chain Hoist How to Build a Frame for Your Chain Hoist

What You'll Need
4, 2 by 4 wide 10 foot wood lengths (for the A frame)
4 by 6, 7 foot wood length (for the cross beam)
Standard wood lengths
3 by 8 inch bolts
Drill machine
Metal clamps
Industrial metal hook
Measuring tape
Protective gloves and glasses

A chain hoist is used to lift heavy items using a lever mechanism; these hoists have to be suspended at a height from a frame to lift weights. For that you can build a frame for your chain hoist following the give steps.

Step 1 – Tips and Advice

Whenever working with wood always wear protective eye gear and gloves. The project requires heavy lifting therefore, it is advisable to have added help from a friend or family member. The width of the wooden beam will depend on the weight you intend on suspending on it. Also, if you do not want to use a metal hook to suspend your chain hoist you can substitute it with strap on suspenders. To lift the weight use towing straps instead of rope.

Step 2 – Building the A Frame

Each side of the "A" frame is built using two 10 feet lengths of wood (the height of your A frame will depend on your requirements). Place the lengths on the floor in a "A" shape, the distance in the middle of the "A" should be approximately half of the cross beam to adequately support the weight you plan on lifting. At the top of the "A" frame leave space to fit the width of the cross beam. Now use a measuring tape to mark the cross length at the center of the "A" and at the top to make the support for the beam. Saw out the lengths and bolt in place. For added support you can add diagonal suspensions to the "A" frame on either side. Repeat the procedure for the other side of the frame. You will have 2 "A" frames for each side of the frame for your chain hoist.

Step 3 – Working on the Cross Beam

You can get the cross beam cut to length from your home depot store or where ever you purchase your lumber. This will considerable reduce your labor as cutting up a wood piece of that thickness with a manual saw is a feat. Test the cross beam by placing it between the A frame for support.

Step 4 – Adding Chain Hoist Suspenders

Use metal clamps to attach an industrial hook on the cross beam, from which you can suspend your chain hoist. Make sure you perfectly center the suspension unit, if it is off centered that will affect the efficiency of your frame.

Step 5 – Putting the Frame Together   

For the base of the frame on either side add wooden planks and attach them to the sides of your "A" frame, this will help stand the frame on all kinds of flat surfaced. Now standing on the ladder place the cross beam in place. The frame is mainly done. For added support you can add diagonal support beams from the side supports to the beam on each side, this will ensure that your frame is sturdy and does not crumble under pressure from the weight being hoisted.

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