How to Build a Free Standing Log Roll for Your Child's Play Park How to Build a Free Standing Log Roll for Your Child's Play Park

What You'll Need
Free standing log roll set
Measuring tape

The free standing log roll is an uncommon sight in playgrounds, but it is an excellent form of exercise and a relatively safe and fun activity for children. It consists of a cylindrical base, mounted on its side, and two sets of posts or handles on either side of the cylinder. The child will hold onto the handles or posts and run or walk on the cylinder, which rotates freely. When thinking of installing a playground equipment piece of this type, it's important to keep your child's safety in mind; you should only follow the instructions to build a free standing log roll for your child's play park if your child can be trusted to use the toy safely.

Step 1 -- Determine Where to Install the Log Roll

The log roll will need to be set deep into the ground in order to remain stable while your child plays with it. It should also be located on a flat and level surface on your property. Take some time to carefully consider where you should place the log roll, keeping in mind that you should have the log roll situated in a place where you can monitor your child playing on it as well.

Step 2 -- Dig for the Side Posts

In most cases, you'll need to install the two side posts before you can set up any other part of the log roll. Once those are set up, you can install the handles and the cylinder in between. Open up the set for the free standing log roll and examine the instructions for signs of how deep the posts will need to be inserted into the ground. Dig one hole to that depth, then use the measuring tape to be sure that the other hole is the correct distance apart and dig that as well.

Step 3 -- Install the Posts

With an assistant's help, set the posts in the holes and fill the dirt around them. Use the measuring tape to ensure that the posts are the exact same height, and use the level to ensure that the posts are both perfectly vertical.

Step 4 -- Install the Cylinder

Use the screwdriver to screw in the brackets on the lower portion of one of the posts. Fit the cylinder onto the rod that sticks in between the two posts, and have an assistant hold it in place while you install the second set of brackets on the other post. Test the cylinder to be sure that it is stable and that it will turn properly.

Step 5 -- Install the Handles

Use the screwdriver to install the two handles on the sides of the posts. If there are multiple slots for handles, use your child's height to help determine where the handles should go. Adjust the handles as your child grows or if larger people use the log roll instead.

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