How to Build a Free Standing Shade Structure for Your Backyard

What You'll Need
Tent poles
Cloth ( large size for the roof and waterproof)
Eyelet tool and eyelets

A free standing shade structure is usually placed at a distance from the main building. In the case of your backyard, your free standing shade structure will probably be positioned somewhere in the middle of your lawns, away from the main building of your home. Shade structures come in several forms including canopies and gazebos. You can build your own shade structure for your backyard with these steps.

Step 1: Cutting and Labeling

Label all four edges of the large piece of material you are using for your roof. Place the eyelet tools and the eyelets on the labeling you have made. Use the eyelet tool to hammer the eyelets into the cloth and use scissors to take out the cloth that is in the middle position of the eyelet. Next, apply a durable catch to a pole or a fence and determine the space where you will hang the other side of the shade structure. Apply a second catch to this side. Make sure that the alignment is correct, because you do not want a lopsided shade structure. If you position even one side of the structure a few inches off balance, it will cause an extreme imbalance on every end.

Step 2: Preparing your clothesline

Take five inches of your clothesline and arrange it into a hoop. Twirl it through the eyelets which will later be placed on top of the catches. Hang the hoops onto the catches and determine how far the opposite end of the shade will be positioned. Don’t position the opposite end too close because your structure should accommodate at least 6-7 people.

Hammer the poles. The poles can be made of wood, plastic, sugarcane, or any other material you feel is appropriate. Sling the eyelets onto the poles or drape the clothesline hoops onto the poles. Fasten them tightly and make sure that your poles are not loose

Step 3:  Securing the Shade

Fasten the clothesline to the pole’s upper portion. Make sure you slant it in a position at a distance of about four feet from the bottom of the tent poles. Then, add tent securers and attach the clothesline to these securers. This will enable the poles to stay in place because there will be pressure added to the poles so they do not drop to the ground.

Your free standing shade structure is now ready for use. You can enjoy the extra lounging space this provides you in your backyard by adding furniture. Add lounging chairs, lawn furniture such as chairs and tables. You can also place your table tennis table here in the shade to protect you from the sun when playing in summers. Utilize this area to host birthday parties and other events in your backyard. Add some color to the area with plants and flowers and invite family and friends over for a barbeque.