How to Build a Garden Bench Swing How to Build a Garden Bench Swing

What You'll Need
4, 5 foot pieces of hardwood
4, 2 foot pieces of hardwood
Wooden slats
Additional wood planks
Measuring tape
Galvanized chain

A garden bench swing is an excellent way to relax after a long day and enjoy your garden. Besides providing a comfortable place to sit, it also provides that calming rocking motion. You can take your morning coffee out to enjoy your flowers and plants as the sun comes up. Building your own can be challenging but worth the trouble in the long run.

Step 1. Size of the Swing

Before you can do anything, you will need to determine the size of the swing that you want to build. This will direct you on the type of wood you will need to purchase. The height and weight of the swing will also mean that you need to get fasteners and chains that will support that size swing. Before you can go out and purchase any materials, you will need to know the size you plan on building. Normally a swing that is 5 feet by 2 feet will fit two adults comfortably.

Step 2. The Swing Frame

Take your 2 pieces of 5-foot hardwood and the pieces of 2-foot hardwood and screw them together. These should form a rectangle so the same size pieces of wood will be opposite each other. Once they are screwed together you will have your frame. Measure the frame end to end and cut out 2 more pieces of wood. You want to screw this into the inside of the frame.

Step 3. The Back Frame

Besides the swing frame, you will also need a frame for the back of the swing. Do this the same way as the swing frame with 2 longer pieces of wood and 2 shorter pieces of wood. You will need to attach 2 additional pieces of wood as reinforcements. They should fit snugly inside the back frame. Attach everything using screws.

Step 4. Attaching the Frames

Once the frames are assembled, you will need to attach them. It is best to use longer screws at the corners. In between the corners, you want to use a screw every 5 inches. It is best to brace them together at the angle you want along the long edge. Start with the corners first and then do the interior screws. Otherwise, you may find that you did not attach them together properly or along a straight line.

Step 5. Arm Rests

If you want to add arm rests then it is best to do it before you cover the frames. You want 2 pieces of wood that are about 16 inches and then 2 pieces that are a foot long. The shorter pieces are the arm rest supports, and the longer pieces are the arm rest portions. Use screws to attach them to the ends of the swing frame.

Step 6. Covering the Frames

Use slats of wood to cover the frames. It is best to leave a small space between each slat, though this is up to you. Use wood screws to fasten the slats down.  On the front of the armrest, you want to attach a screw hoop. Also attach this on the bottom sides of the left and right side of the swing and at each side on the top of the back frame.

Step 7. Hooking it Up

Wherever you decide to put your swing, you will need 2 large hooks screwed into a branch that can support your swing. Attach the chain to the screw hooks on the porch swing and then to the hooks in the tree.

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