How to Build a Garden Water Fountain How to Build a Garden Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Water Pump
Pond Lining
Water Tubing
Aquarium Sealant
Plant Container/Jardinire
Container Bowl
Decorative Rocks or pebbles
Drill with Large Bit
Planter Bowl

The joy of a garden water fountain offers a relaxing and decorative addition to your landscaped garden. For every person who wants to design or build a water feature, there is a unique opportunity to create something original, quirky and aesthetically pleasing. Garden features allow the person to let their mind wander and create something totally unusual that will add glamor, style and beauty to their outside areas. There is no right or wrong design involved in creating a fountain but there is a right and wrong way to build one. First and foremost, you need to design your fountain area and decide where it will be placed.

Step 1 – Prepare the Ground

If your water fountain is designed to be ‘planted’ slightly to secure it, you will need to dig the right sized hole to place it in. If you bought a fountain from a store, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions and install it according to their guidelines. If you are building your own using a planter pot or something similar, place the container bowl in the hole you have dug.

Step 2 – Building the Fountain

With the container bowl in the ground, attach the tubing to the pump and place it near one of the edges. Use bricks or paving stones in the bottom of the bowl to weight it down and balance it. Thread the tubing through the hole in the bottom of the plant container or jardinière and run it up and over the edge.

Place the jardinière into the plant bowl. Make sure the bowl is level before you proceed. If it proves level, then add the planter bowl on top. If there is no hole already in the center, use a drill bit slightly larger than the tubing and drill a hole. Thread the tubing through the planter bowl and set the planter bowl on top of the plant container/jardinière. Install the water pump nozzle and secure with a connector and clip. Use the aquarium sealant around the edge of the nozzle to seal it in place within the hole and close the gap around the edge. Leave that to set before you proceed.

Step 3 – The Fountain

The fountain is now built. Add a bag of decorative rocks or pebbles and fill to about half way up the bowl. You can also choose to add aquatic plants at this point if that appeals to you. Don’t over crowd the bowl with plants. Just put three or four in there to add color and greenery.

Step 4 – Hide the Cord

Use mulch or bark shavings to cover over any trace of the cord. Hide it well under the mulch and make sure it is not visible or easily tripped over.

Step 5 – Testing

Using a hose pipe fill the container bowl with water until it barely reaches the bowl rim. Fill the planter bowl at the top, with water too. Your aquatic plants will not be partially under water. Again, only fill to just below the rim. Plug the water pump in to an electrical outlet. If you have one, use a ground fault interrupted outlet, which acts as a breaker switch for outdoor cords. Your fountain should now come on and the water should start pumping. Take a step backward and smile!

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