How to Build a Glass Block Bar

What You'll Need
Glass blocks
Metal or wood framing
Sealant or silicone
Pertinent easy to use tools

If it is time to do a little remodeling and you are thinking about a glass block bar, do not fret. It’s an easy project to accomplish. This type of bar will add a little something different to your space; it is also very strong. Follow these steps to build your glass block bar.

Step 1 - Measuring the Area

Measure the space size that you have to work with. The space needs to be able to handle the glass block size that you will use in the frame of the bar.

Step 2 - The Frame

After you have the design for your bar, build the frame out of the material that you have selected. Consider adding a kick plate along the bar to prevent guests from marking the glass block. Also consider leaving space on the inside for storage shelves. Plan carefully so that you will know just how much material is needed for the project.

Step 3 - Electrical

Plan the location of the electrical outlets in your bar and decide whether you want rope lights between the blocks. Plan now so that when you are constructing your bar, everything will be in place.

Step 4 - Base

Level the base so that you do not have any difficulty at a later point in the construction process. Use a solid sheet of metal or wood as a base for the bottom of the frame in order to build the blocks upon it.

Step 5 - Placing the Top

If your glass blocks will act as the top of the bar, then you are fine. If not, mount the top of the bar. Do not risk cracking the blocks after you have put all of your hard work into your project.

Step 6 - Build the Blocks

Now is the time to build your blocks. Place the first layer without cementing them. Doing so gives allows you to make adjustments in the spacing so that everything will match your frame. Secure the blocks into place once you have everything lined up correctly with clear silicone. Repeat this step with each layer until you have reached the top of the bar.

Now that your glass block bar is complete, the only thing left for you to do is serve the drinks. You may even want to throw a little party to show off your hard work.