How to Build a Glass Roof Over a Deck

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  • 12-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 2,000=8,000
What You'll Need
Framing Materials (Wood, Nails, Hammer)
Old Windows
Roof Cement

Most outdoor areas and decks can be covered by a glass roof. By utilizing a glass roof, you can add décor, appeal, visibility, and openness to your space while also being protected from the elements such as rain. By adding a glass roof to your deck, you then have the option to convert the space into a conservatory, sunroom or even an outdoor entertainment area. You can create a functional and beautiful glass roof over your deck with little expense by using old or recycled windows. By utilizing old or recycled windows, you achieve the glass roof while saving money over large glass pieces or individual tiles.

Step 1 –Install Vertical Posts

This project requires prior framing knowledge as now you will need the basic frame to be installed for your roof. For this, you will need pretreated wood to create the vertical posts and roof trusses where your glass roof will be installed. You can create your vertical posts by attaching pretreated 4 x 4s to the outside perimeter of your deck. You will need to adequately bolt and secure your vertical posts to your deck to be able to support your trusses and roof. This will create your vertical posts that are the foundation and support for your roof trusses and the actual glass windows.

Step 2 – Install Roof Trusses

After you have installed your vertical posts to complete your framework, you are ready to install the roof trusses. This will be the frame and support for your glass windows and the beams your windows will be fastened to. The trusses for your roof should be far enough apart to allow you to benefit from the glass roof, but close enough to properly support the glass. You can determine the required spacing for your trusses by first measuring your windows to determine the distance between each window frame. Measure the width of the windows to determine how far apart to place your trusses when installing them.

Step 3 – Attach the Glass Roof

Once your roof trusses are in place and properly attached and secured to your vertical posts, you are ready to begin attaching the windows to create your glass roof. When attaching the windows of your glass roof, you need to begin in the innermost corner of the roof area so that you do not have to work over an already installed window and risk breaking the glass. Attaching the windows to the trusses is a simple task requiring you to nail the frame of the window directly into the wooden roof trusses. Be liberal with the number of nails you utilize as you want a very secure hold between the frame and trusses.

Step 4 – Seal the Frames

In addition, as you move through the installation of the window frames, you may also want to seal the frames by applying roof cement over the connecting frames. Be certain to do this as you install the frame so you do not need to go back and work over the glass and take the risk of breaking a window. The cement can be applied where two frames connect to each other to help create a tighter seal and prevent leaks.