How To Build A Grind Box

What You'll Need
A strong piece of wood not particle board or plywood 3 x 6 feet is ideal
2 x 4 framing wood in multiple lengths
Wood glue
Screws 3
Screw gun
Measuring tape
2 iron rails/ Angle iron at a 90 degree angle
Liquid nails
Caulk gun for the liquid nails
Pressure clamps

A grind box is a rectangular shaped box that sits close to the ground and used for skateboarding or rollerblade tricks. The metal on the sides of the box is what will help your board slide along the edge as well as protect the box from falling to pieces. It is not difficult to build however it does take a lot of measuring so keep you tape measure and paper and pen handy. Use quality materials to ensure that your grind box will last. All materials should be available at you local hardware store.

Step 1 - Make a Box Frame

Make a frame from 2 x 4’s that is exactly the length and width of the main board. In this case the wood is 3 x 6 so the pieces will be two six foot pieces and two that are two feet eight inches. Glue and screw the frame together where the 4 inch side of the wood is vertical to the floor.  

Step 2 - Add the Top

Align the 3 x 6 piece of lumber along the frame. Screw in the corners first then go back and secure the middle. Use screws every six to eight inches. You might want to consider pre-drilling your holes to avoid splitting your wood. Be sure to countersink the screws to avoid snags. You can buy a tool that attaches to your drill to make this easier.  

Step 3 - Make it Tall

Decide how tall that you want your grind box to be. Remember you want to be able to get your skateboard up there so not too tall for the best tricks. A foot high is a good measurement. Cut 4 legs out of two x fours that are twelve inches long. Attach these legs at each corner bracing them with a smaller piece of scrap wood.

Step 4 - Add Support

Cut three more two foot eight inch 2 x 4’s. These will act as supports to make sure that your box does not dip in the middle. Spread these out every 18 inches and secure with screws.

Step 5 - Brace It

If you leave the legs the way they are now, the first time that your board lands on it, it will collapse. To brace the legs you will need two three, foot long 2 x 4’s and two that are 5 feet eight inches. Create a frame around the legs similar to what you made as the top of the Grind box. Remember to glue then screw all pieces to help with a stronger bond.

Step 6 - Add the Metal

Place a generous amount of liquid nails along the inner portion of the angle iron. Press the iron onto one of the six foot edges. Use pressure clamps to secure the rail to the wood for drying. Five hours is enough time however overnight drying is recommended for the strongest bond. Repeat these same steps for the other side of the Grind box.

A grind box can be a good place to learn some new skateboarding tricks. Just make sure to make your box stable and weather proof. A good way to finish up your project is to paint it with an outdoor paint and decorate as desired.