How to Build a Guitar Speaker Cabinet

What You'll Need
Wood (pine is a great choice)
1/4-inch input jack
Screen mesh
Measuring tape
Black spray paint
Black carpet
Spray adhesive
Strong glue

A guitar speaker cabinet is not an amplifier but this is a common misconception. A guitar amplifier is a combination of a guitar speaker cabinet and the guitar amplifier controls. These two components are often combined in one unit while others are separate. It is a personal choice as to which you choose to use with your rig. A guitar speaker cabinet is preferred by many guitarists because they can switch out different sizes or string several together for directional sound. You can purchase a guitar speaker cabinet but making one is a lot more fun and not that hard. The speakers make the sound but the guitar speaker cabinet creates a crisp output of sound as well as properly directs it. The following article will show you how to make your own guitar speaker cabinet.

Step 1 - Make the Speaker Board

The speaker board is a piece of wood that the speakers are attached to. This speaker board is then behind the front of the guitar speaker cabinet and recessed about two inches.Use 1-inch thick wood and mount the speaker to it. The wood you select has to be big enough to contain the speakers as well as have an inch or two of clearance around the speakers for mounting. Use your compass to make the circle for the speaker and then the jigsaw to cut it out to make a round hole.

Step 2 - Speaker Box

You need to build a simple box which is large enough to contain the speaker board. Many guitar speaker cabinets do not have a back but this can decrease the sound. You can create a full back, quarter or half back if you prefer. Create a piece of wood large enough to contain the input jack and long enough to span the inside of the guitar speaker cabinet. Cut out the same hole as you did for the speaker board in the front piece of wood.

Step 3 - Input Jack

Trace the input jack plate onto the piece of wood you made in Step 2 and cut the hole out slightly smaller than what you traced. Place the input jack in the hole and screw it in place. You can also create a hole in the back piece and install it to that prior to wiring.

Step 4 - Assembly

Build the box using the nails but keeping the back open for now. Cut the mesh to the inside size of the guitar speaker cabinet and glue in place. Slide the speaker board in place so it sandwiches the mesh and nail in place. Wire the speaker to the input jack and nail it in place. Attach the back of the guitar speaker cabinet.

Step 5 - Finishing

Paint the guitar speaker cabinet black. Once it is dry pray it with adhesive and affix the carpet. You can then nail it in place at the corners and along the sides in the middle.