How to Build a Gun Rack for an Airsoft Gun

What You'll Need
Plywood (measured to lengths that you desire)
Wood screws
Wood-working glue
Tape measure
Buzz saw

For anyone who owns an Airsoft gun, you know how nice is it to have a gun rack to display all of your beautiful pieces. If you find yourself without a gun rack, you are going to be presented with two possible solutions. One is to simply go out to the store and buy a gun rack yourself.  These can range anywhere in price from $50 to $170 dollars. You second option would be to build your own gun rack. This would allow you to specifically customize your rack to exactly what you want. While it may cost a tad more, you will have the exact item you want and you will be proud to display it. For this example, you will find that using plywood is the cheapest route to go.

Step 1 – Make Your Measurements

The first thing you need to decide for yourself is how big you want your gun rack to be. Typically you take the length of all your guns, and find the average between them, this will give you a base number to go by in your design. You are going to need three pieces of plywood for this. One to act at the backboard, and two others, roughly four inches in width, to act as side panels.

Step 2 – Make Your Cuts

Remember the golden rule, measure twice and cut once. This helps prevent any unnecessary trips back to the store to get new pieces of plywood work begin working with. Make your cuts into you plywood so that you have all three pieces exactly as you want them.

Step 3 – Glue Your Piece

Using your wood glue, you must now attach the side panels to your backboard. Lay the backboard on the ground and draw a straight line of glue to align your panels on. Hold the panels in place for a few moments to ensure that they will be steady. Once you have given them a chance to dry, stand your piece up to ensure that they hold strong. 

Step 4 – Drill Your Piece

Now take your wood screws and drill through the backboard into your side panels. While the wood glue was already used, these screws are going to help ensure that your gun rack is solid and stable.

Step 5 – Build a Shelf

Use a piece of plywood to act as a shelf that runs between your two side panels. Cut the plywood so that it fits snugly between the panels and then secure this piece with more wood screws. Situate this shelf lower on your rack so that you can place various items such as ammo cartridges within the shelf.

Step 6 – Separate Units

If you want your pieces to be separate from one another, you can simply cut additional pieces of your plywood to act as dividers within the unit. This will help to ensure that your guns stand upright and that they don't lean or scratch any of your other pieces.

Step 7 - A Nice Touch

Using your stain, you can give your gun rack a touch of color, as well as help to preserve it, by staining the piece and allowing it to dry before using it as your display case.