How to Build a Gyrocopter Frame

red gyrocopter
What You'll Need
Square galvanized steel or aluminum
Welding and soldering tools
Screws and bolts
Safety wire
Hand drill
Drill guides
Gyrocopter construction manual

A gyrocopter is an easy-to-fly aircraft that’s remarkably maneuverable. Unlike a helicopter, a gyrocopter doesn’t need a tail rotor, which enables you to fly one with a joystick. Although flying a gyrocopter can take a while to master, building one is not so difficult. Below is a short guide that will assist you in building your own gyrocopter.

Step 1 – Choose the Design

First, you need to determine the design that you want to use for your gyrocopter because the frame will depend on it. There are designs that are meant to work efficiently, and there are also designs that are made with ease of construction in mind.

You might want to check with a few gyrocopter enthusiasts and pilots to get an idea of the pros and cons of various designs.

Step 2 – Purchase Panel Material

Once you have the design picked out, you will be able to identify the exact length and the sizes of squared aluminum or galvanized steel sheets and the number of bolts and screws that you will need. Most plans for do-it-yourself gyrocopters include this information, so it should not be difficult to determine.

You can even purchase gyrocopter kits, which already contain all the parts for easy assembly. If you don't purchase a kit, you will need to visit a machine shop and have the metal cut to exact measurements.

Step 2 – Planning, Measuring, and Drilling Holes

When your squared aluminum, or other proper gyrocopter frame material, is ready, you can now start to drill. Use a sharp hand drill and flat-steel drilling guides to ensure more accurate depth cuts.

Refer to the Manual

The distance between holes should be exact and follow instruction manual guidelines precisely. While you are drilling, continue to refer to the manual often to ensure your measurements are precise when creating the gyrocopter frame.

Ensure Straightness

Also, make sure the drill holes are completely straight and level, using a chalk line and a level. You should spend more time measuring and marking the drill holes than you should drilling them.

Step 3 – Assembling Square Aluminum or Galvanized Steels

Connect all the square aluminum properly with screws and bolts.

Use Safety Wire

To keep the bolts from jumping out of the hole, you can use safety wire. This wire will provide additional protection by serving as backup support, and it also helps to strengthen your gyrocopter frame. Airframe vibration naturally occurs after the copter is in the air, and this vibration can loosen screws and bolts. However, with safety wire attached to the bolts, you can minimize this risk.

Once you've finished building the frame, you can begin constructing the rest of your gyrocopter and pick the right wheels for it.