How to Build a Hexagonal Gazebo

What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Work gloves
Measuring tape
Roofing materials
Pre-cut floor panels
Pre-cut wall panels
Center Support Block
Wooden Gusset Pieces
Wooden Rafter Pieces
Rim Sections

A hexagonal gazebo  is a six-sided building that you can build to hold parties or just to sit inside of it and watch the world go by. Here is a list of the tools and materials you need to build your hexagonal gazebo and the directions to follow to build your won gazebo:

Step 1 – Preparation

Get all your directions ready and make sure you have all the pieces, tools, and supplies you need to begin your project.  Then you have to figure out where to put the hexagonal gazebo and make sure it will fit in that area.

Step 2 – Rim and Framework

Gather up all the outside rim sections that make up the perimeter of the floor and carefully screw them together with the wood screws. Once you have the framework put together, you can start to arrange the floor joists. These will look a lot like the spokes of a wheel when you arrange them inside of the rim pieces with the support block piece in the middle. Once everything is put together, it will resemble a six-sided star shape.

Step 3 – Floor Pieces

Next comes the installation of each of the pre-made floor panels. These should be laid down on each section of the rims and joist area, fitting neatly to each section with more screws or nails. Once you have all the floor panels in place, you can begin to put the wall panels into place.

Step 4 – Wall Panels

Take each of the pre-made wall panels and stand it up and screw it into place one piece at a time. Each section of a wall panel has to be attached firmly to both the floor joists and the other wall sections. You might need two people to do this correctly so the panels won’t fall over as you are completing the task. Be sure to decide in advance where to put the door section, as it is one of the wall panels that must be added.

Step 5 – Wooden Gussets

Then, once wall panels are in place, you need to reinforce them with wooden gussets so they won’t move and will stay firmly in place. A wooden gusset overlaps each wall panel and is screwed together onto each one to make it sturdier. It also helps it stay together better. 

Step 6 – Attaching Rafters

Next comes the installation of the wooden rafters, which helps to make the roof foundation. You take each rafter piece and attach it to the center block that makes up the peak at the top of your hexagonal gazebo. This is the part of the roof that your roof panels and shingles will go on top of, so it has to be secure and waterproofing is also greatly suggested.

Step 6 – Roof Panels and Shingles

Next, it’s time to attach the pre-made roofing panels. Lift each one into place on top of the rafter sections and use either nails or screws to hold it together.  Once you have attached all the panels to your hexagonal gazebo, it’s time to put on the shingles. These should be overlapped to help keep out moisture and nailed into place in the proper pattern.