How to Build a Hip Roof

What You'll Need
Framing square
Tape measure
Rafter table

A hip roof is basically a roof with sloping sides. Like all other building jobs it requires precision and accuracy to build. However, if some basic guidelines are followed, and appropriate tools are made use of, any building job is somewhat simplified.

Step 1 - Start Taking Measurements

The most crucial and fundamental step that has to be done before anything else is commenced is to take all the necessary measurements. Make sure to do this accurately because otherwise the whole process would be for nothing. You will need to measure the length and the width of the building, which will then be used to calculate the dimensions of the ridge board and the length of the rafters.

Step 2 - Cut the Rafters

After taking the necessary measurements you can then cut out the rafters which will be used to build the roof.

Step 3 - Fix the Rafters to the Ridge Board

The ridge board is like the frame that will be around the roof. You should start by affixing the standard rafters on either side of the ridge board. Continue to do this until the ridge board becomes more solid and set by their weight.

Step 4 - Calculate the Dimensions of the Hip Rafter

Afterward, you will move onto building the hip roof, but before doing so check the angle that it will be placed in and the resulting length. For this computation it is best that you use the framing square for a more precise calculation.

Step 5 - Continue to Attach the Rafters

Now you can proceed to affix the rafters. It is best that you do this one side at a time, and for each rafter you fix make sure to adjust the pressure it makes on the board. This will help to ensure a better result.

Step 6 - Trim the Rafters

Once all the rafters have been nailed you may trim them with a jig to have a better linear layout.

Step 7 - Fix the Hip Rafters

The corner rafters used in this type of roof construction are known as the hip rafters. These have to be adjoined to the standard rafters affixed previously.

Step 8 - In between Affix the Jack Rafters

Afterward, you will have to install the jack rafters in between the standard rafters and the hip rafters. Start to affix these at the center, working towards the ends of the roof frame. The process is quite a long one, but if it is done patiently and accurately you should receive good results.

If you are not an expert in the construction field, asking for some support from professionals may be helpful. This is more important since when constructing the roof you need to construct not just the design and the structure, but also other related matters such as ventilation, sheathing and any drainage connections amongst others. If the roof will also include a chimney you would need to take into account other considerations.