How To Build A Hot Tub House

What You'll Need
Sawdrill and bits
Lumber (2x4)
Pre-made door or gate
Latch and Lock (optional)
Large Hooks
Weatherproof sheeting
Decorative Latticework
Palm Fronds or Fishnet

A hot tub house combines the relaxation of a hottub with the privacy of an enclosed room, all in your own backyard. Building a basic hot tub house can be accomplished by anyone with the right tools and materials.

      The steps below outline how to build a simple yet pleasing hot tub house.

      Step 1: Measure Your Space

      Measure the circumference of the platform on which your hot tub rests. Add extra footage to your dimensions if you plan to add benches.

      Step 2: Plan Your Structure

      Design a blueprint with the ascertained dimensions. You can also buy blueprints online or find them at your local bookstore.

      Step 3: Stake Your Space

      Stake out the parameters of your building area by staking string or rope around the area to mark it off.

      Step 4: Wall Construction

      You will now put together the 4 walls which will create your structure. On the ground, frame up the wall to your specifications. To stabilize and reinforce the wall, attach brackets to each corner. Use your 2x4s to create a frame for your opening. You will probably need help to lift the walls into place. Once they are in place, nail them together to create the skeleton of your hot tub house.

      Step 5: Full or Half Walls

      You may choose full or half walls, depending on your preference. You can attach rows of 2x4s in horizontal or vertical fashion to the frames until you completely cover the frames, creating a full wall. You can also add lumber up to 1/2 or 3/4 of the frame and finish up with latticework for a more cottage-like look.

      Step 6: Rooftop Construction

      To make the roof you will need to make L-shapes with your 2x4 lumber. You will then fasten these L-shaped rafters to the walls. If you want an enclosed roof, tack sheets of plywood to the top of the unit. You can also leave the rafters exposed and have exposure to sky. If you choose the exposed roof, you can drape fishnet or palm fronds over it for a nice decorating touch.

      Step 7: Door Construction

      You can install a pre-made gate or door if you do not have to worry about uninvited people coming in to your hot tub house. If you need more security, you can install a combination lock on the door.

      Step 8: Finishing Up

      Now that you hot tub house is built, you need to sand it and prime it. Also, now is the time to tack weatherproof sheeting to interior surfaces. This is only if you do not plan to finish off the wood walls. You can now add the large hooks to the walls to have a place to hang towels and robes.