How to Build a House of Cards

Building a house of cards takes practice. If you have the patience, the time and a flat, steady surface, it is an enjoyable hobby that can be done with the whole family on game night or when you are looking for nice quiet way to spend the evening.

Foundation is Everything

A stable house of cards relies upon a stable foundation in order to successfully build it up. The first few cards you stack on end will influence how the whole structure goes together. Start with three cards on end, making a triangle. On top of these cards, place two lying flat to create the first mini structure of the house. From there, build outward to make a firm base then start building the second level.

Another way to do it is by building adjacent upside down Vs with two cards. Two cards will support each other in this shape. When you have several cards aligned for the foundation, begin to stack cards horizontally on top of the supporting cards very carefully. After the first layer is built, start with the second.

If you have a deck of cards and need something to divert your attention for a while, build a house with them.