How to Build a Jewelry Work Bench

What You'll Need
2x4s, 1x8 and 1x4 pieces of lumber
3/4-inch plywood sheet
Builder's screws, 2 1/2-inch and 1 3/4-inch
Electric screwdriver

When you're spending hours making jewelry it makes sense to have a dedicated work bench in order to perfect your craft and to keep your area pristine. You need areas to store your jewelry, as well as work on it, and this article will show you how to build a work bench for just that activity.

Step 1 - Make the Work Bench Frame

Before you can have a work bench you need to create the frame. Decide if your work bench will be square or more rectangular. You will also want to determine how tall you want the work bench to be when you are finished. When you have determined the size of the work bench you can cut two of the 2x4s to that length. To make the end pieces you will cut 2x4s about 3 inches smaller than the width that you need. Once your wood is cut you can then assemble the frame using the nails. With the frame built you can add the cross beams, which will add stability to the finished work bench. The beams will be the same size as the end pieces, and one should be placed every 2 feet.

Step 2 - Make the Top of the Work Bench

Cut the sheet of plywood to fit on top of the frame. Use the frame itself as the template. Use the builder's screws to attach the plywood top to the frame. Place one screw every few inches to make sure you have a sturdy work surface. Remove the rough corners by sanding the edges and corners of the top.

Step 3 - Making the Legs

The legs will be cut from 2x4s. Determine how high you want the work bench to be, and then cut the 2x4s so that they are 1/4-inch shorter then what you actually require. You do this because of the plywood. When the legs are cut you can attach them with screws or nails to the frame.

Step 4 - Back of the Work Bench

To maintain stability of the work bench you want to add a short back. Use a 1x8 and attach it to the back of the work bench so half of it can be seen at the top of work bench. This piece of wood should also run the entire length of the bench. This little lip stops your materials from falling off the table in the back.

Step 5 - Shelves and Storage

You can build shelves, drawers and compartments out of the scrap pieces of wood you have left from the work bench construction. Making the back larger will allow you to directly attach shelves to it. You can also simply use store bought clear containers stacked on the work bench. If you need a light or vice you can attach them easily to the edge of the work bench for ease of use. There is also plenty of floor space for under table storage.