How to Build a Kids Folding Table

What You'll Need
Lumber boards for legs
Lumber for table top
Small boards for rim
Leg brackets
Power saw

Building a kids folding table is a fun and pretty easy project to do. Not only will you be happy with your end project, but your kids will love you for it.

Follow the steps below to help you in building this fun and exciting project.

Step 1 - Purchase Your Lumber

You will need to purchase different sorts of lumber. You will need lumber boards that are long enough for you to cut to size for legs. For the table top, you will want to look at more finished lumber than most. This will create a nicer looking table. You will also want to purchase smaller boards to make a rim for the underside of the table top.

Step 2 - Plan Height and Width

Before you actually start building your table, you will want to decide how large you want your table, as well as how high you are wanting your table. The height is up to you. If you have toddlers, you will want to obviously make the table legs shorter than if you are building the table for your older children. Just make sure no matter how high you make it, your children will be able to sit at it comfortably.

Step 3 - Cut the Table Top

Now that you have prepared for making the table, now you can actually jump in and start producing that great project, starting with making the table top. To do this, first, measure the wood to the size that you want the table top to be. Use your saw to cut the surface the size of your measurements. 

Step 4 - Cut Rim Boards

Now that you have prepared for making the table, now you can start making the rim that goes on the underside of the tabletop. Cut the rim boards using your power saw.

Step 5 - Attach the Rim Boards

Now that your table top and rim boards are cut to size, you will want to attach those together. Using screws, secure the rim boards to the underside of the table top about two to three inches from the edge of the table top, making a perfect square.

Step 6 - Cut the Legs

Now that the table top is done, you will want to cut boards for the legs to the size you have determined.

Step 7 - Attach the Legs

Using your purchased leg brackets, attach the legs to the rim and table top. Do this by placing half of the bracket on the leg, and the other on the under rim of the table top. Before attaching all four of the legs, you will want to test the folding of the table. Read step eight on how to do this before moving forward.

Step 8 - Make Sure It Folds

Make sure the brackets are working, and afer attaching one leg, fold it out to make sure everything is in order. Then, resume with attaching the rest of the legs.