How to Build a Kids Soccer Goal

Building a kid’s soccer goal is a light and easy family project that you and your children can engage in over the weekend. It is easy and fun for the children to connect the soccer goal’s different parts just like they are putting together the many pieces of a puzzle. Additionally, it provides long-term benefits for you and your family since you can hold mini soccer tournaments in your backyard every weekend after you finish building the soccer goal.

The following instructions are used for building a four-foot-by-five-foot soccer goal, but you can alter the dimensions to adjust the size of the goal appropriately to the height of your children.

Tools and Materials Needed:

4 10-foot PVC pipes

Pipe elbows and tees

Deer netting

PVC cement

Zip ties

Hacksaw with fine tooth blade

Utility scissors

Tape measure

Felt-tip marker

Step 1: Prepare the Frame

Mark several sections of different lengths on the PVC pipes using the tape measure. You will use these sections to build the main skeleton of your kid’s soccer goal. Mark the following sections with a felt-tip marker:

  • Two 5-foot sections
  • Two 4-foot sections
  • Four 3-foot sections
  • Four 1-foot sections

Step 2: Cut the Pipes

Slice off the different parts of the frame with a hacksaw. Place one pipe on a worktable, letting the first mark hang a little bit off the frame. Start with small, slow strokes at first, progressing into longer and faster strokes once you have made a groove. Continue cutting until you have 12 separate pipes and a single unused six-foot long pipe. Polish the edges of the pipes with sandpaper.

Step 3: Assemble the Base

Connect a 1-foot pipe to a 3-foot pipe with an elbow. This will be one side of the base. Connect another 1-foot pipe to another 3-foot pipe to build the other side of the base. Attach tees to the shorter pipes of both sides and connect the tees with a 3-foot pipe.

Step 4: Build the Top of the Frame

Repeat Step 3, but this time, connect two 1-foot pipes to 4-foot pipes instead of 3-foot pipes. Attach tees to the shorter pipes and connect the tees with a 3-foot pipe. This is the top of your kid’s soccer goal.

Step 5: Attach the Top to the Base

Connect the longer sides of the top and shorter sides of the base with elbows. Strengthen the frame by joining the tees of the top and the base with 5-foot pipes.

Step 6: Mark the Joints

This ensures the frame will stand straight when you glue it all together.

Step 7: Glue the Pieces Together

Undo one of the joints and apply PVC cement before putting it back again. Line up the marks quickly as PVC cement only takes seconds to dry. Repeat doing this until you have glued all the joints together.

Step 8: Add the Net

Cover the goal posts with some deer netting, making sure to keep it slightly loose. Attach the netting to the frame by inserting zip ties every few inches and cut off the long ends of the zip ties once they are closed.

This kid’s soccer goal is a lightweight goal that you can carry around anywhere. On windy days, you can hold it with a couple of sandbags to keep it down.