How to Build a Kitchen Island Table

What You'll Need
5 3/4-inch x 1 3/4-inch lumber for counter top
34 1/4-inch high table legs or lumber for legs
2 3/4-inch x 3/4-inch lumber for frame
5 3/4-inch x 3/4-inch lumber for lower shelf
Wood screws
Pocket screws
Circular saw
Orbital sander
Stain or paint and lacquer
Bar clamps
Wood glue
Wood filler
Tape measure

Adding a kitchen island table to your kitchen is a stylish way of creating more storage and counter space.

Step 1 - Plan

Before building your kitchen island table, you must be certain that having it in your kitchen will leave room for other cabinets and appliances to open. Spacing your kitchen island table 36 inches away from anything else is a nice distance, and anything less than 30 inches is too cramped. Also, remember the kitchen island table should be at least 24 inches wide.

Measure out the size of the island and plan it on graph paper first. You will need to know the length and width of your island before moving on to building it.

Step 2 - Kitchen Top

You will need to cut the 5 ¾ x 1 ¾ inch lumber to length for the top. If your kitchen island table is 60 inches long and 35 ½ inches wide, you would cut 6 planks to 60 inches long. When you are finished cutting them, sand the long 1 ¾ inch edges of each plank. Attach the planks together using pocket screws, making sure all edges and both top and bottom are flush.

Step 3 - Framing

Cut 4 legs to 34 ¼ inches high. Also cut 4 2 ¾ x ¾ inche planks to length (if your top is 60 x 35 ½ inches and your legs are 3 x 3 inches make this cut 50 inches long). You will then cut 4 2 ¾ x ¾ inch planks to length (using the above example these will be 25 ½ inches). Finally, cut 1 2 ¾ x ¾ inch plank to length (using the same example this will be 30 inches).

Sand all surfaces making sure to sand with the grain of the wood.

Turn the legs upside down and attach 2 longer and 2 shorter 2 ¾ x ¾ inch planks flush with the top. Using the above example you will now have a 56 x 31 ½ inch box with the legs at the corners. Be sure to use a level to get things square.

Step 4 - Brace the frame

Attach the 30 inch long 2 ¾ inch x ¾ inch plank across the center of the frame (3/4 inches side up and down) using pocket screws. This will serve as a brace so make sure it is flush with the top.

Attach the other 2 longer and 2 shorter planks to the legs with the top the planks 9 ¼ inches from the bottom of the legs. Make sure everything is level and square.

Step 5 - Add shelf

Cut the 5 ¾ inch x ¾ inch planks to length for the shelf. Using the jigsaw, cut in around the legs. Make sure the shelf is cut to the dimensions of the island frame. Sand the shelf planks. Attach using pocket screws.

Step 6 - Attach top

Set the top face down on the floor. Use cardboard or a sheet to prevent scratching the surface. Set the frame upside down on the top making sure it is centered and square. The top will be 2 inches longer and wider than the frame on each side. Attach using pocket screws. If you haven't painted or stained the table, now is the time to do so.