How to Build a Kitchen Storage Shelf Part 2 How to Build a Kitchen Storage Shelf Part 2

What You'll Need
Paint brushes
2x4-inch board
Wood Screws
Jig Saw
Wood glue

To complete the kitchen storage shelf you begin building in Part 1 of this series, follow the easy instructions below. In these steps, you will attach the shelf to the wall. There are two ways you can use L-brackets to mount shelves on a wall, and you can use whichever method you prefer.

Attach Shelf Using L-Bracket

This is the first step regardless of what method you want to use to attach the shelves to the kitchen wall. Paint the wood using paint brushes, any dark color you like. Apply more than one coat if required. After the paint is dry, apply varnish for a protective coating. If you want a gloss finish, apply more than one coat of varnish and let it completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Attach the L-brackets under the shelf using wood screws, making sure that they are at an appropriate distance from each other and at the ends of the length of the kitchen storage shelf. If you have more than one shelf, mark the points where you are attaching the L-brackets on one shelf carefully. Use the same measurement on the other shelves for uniformity.

Finally, mount the shelves up against the wall you chose in Part 1 of this series and use wood screws to attach the L-brackets to the wall.

Attach Shelf 'Floating-style'

This process is to make the new modern floating shelves that are very popular nowadays. First, mark the length of the shelves you made on the 2x4-inch board, and cut it with a jig saw. You need two 2x4-inch boards for this job.

First, attach one of the 2x4-inch boards to the wall on the marked spot on the wall from part 1. This will be the base for the shelves to 'hang' on. Next, take one shelf and attach it on the top of the base with wood screws, and one on the bottom of the base with wood screws. Make sure you screw in the screws at different place and they don't go into each other.

After you've done this, there will be a gap left in the front of the structure. Cover that gap with the second 2x4-inch board with glue. Your floating shelf is complete!

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