How to Build a Knee Wall Partition: Part 2

Lead Image
What You'll Need
No. 16 framing nails
Plumb and bob line
Drill (depends on flooring type)
Anchor bolts (if flooring is made of concrete)
A couple of friends to help

In the first part of our series of articles on how to build a knee wall partition, you learned how to select a good location for the partition, mark the position layout, and how to frame the knee wall. Now, you will learn how to set the knee wall partition frame in place and how to secure it to the adjoining wall and to the floor. Let's get started

Step 1 - Stand the Partition Frame Upright

In order to avoid injury, you should have a couple of people help you stand the partition frame upright. Then have them help you carry the frame over to where it will be installed.

Step 2 - Align the Partition Frame on the Floor Marks

Have your assistants help you carefully align the bottom plate of the partition frame onto the outline you created earlier. At the same time, you need to verify that the length of your frame is the same as that created on the outline. If it's not, it's not a particularly big problem. You may need to adjust the placement of another knee wall if you're creating a doorway effect.

Step 3 - Align the Frame Border with Stud Wall Mark

Once you have aligned the partition frame wall with the floor layout outline, you need to also align the side of the frame with the marks you made on the adjoining stud wall.

Step 4 - Level and Plumb the Partition Frame

Before you begin securing the frame to the adjoining stud wall and the floor, you need to ensure that it is level and plumb. Use your level to check the sides of the frame and make sure that it is straight up and down. Use the plumb and bob line to ensure that the partition is straight and true as well. Place the level and measure both at the adjoining wall edge as well as the outer edge of the partition wall.

Step 5 - Nail Frame to Adjoining Stud Wall

Use the hammer and number 16 framing nails to place nails every 6 to 8-inches into the interior support brace and the stud behind the drywall of the adjoining wall. Once you finish nailing to the adjoining wall, use your hand to test the strength of the border edge of the partition frame, and hammer in more nails as needed.

Step 6 - Check for Level Again

After you have secured the partition frame to the adjoining wall, you should again check the frame to make sure it's level and straight. It may have adjusted or been moved slightly during the nailing to the adjoining wall.

Step 7 - Secure the Partition Frame to the Floor

Nail in number 16 framing nails between each of the vertical studs in the knee wall partition frame. In the space between the outside vertical braces, nail in two or even three nails for added stability.

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