How to Build a Koi Pond

A wonderful escape from reality, building a Koi pond can be rewarding and easy to do. With the right tools and a plan, it is the centerpiece of an intelligent landscaping design.

Plan and Prepare

Start by choosing an area that has partial sunlight throughout the day and is free from run-off that might include chemicals. Decide what type of pond you want and how many fish you wish to house. Based on this information, create a drawing of your pond with notes for depth. When you are sure of your design, spray paint the outline of your pond on the ground. 

Forming the Pond

Dig to the depth as defined by the plan. Make sure you’ve included shelves or ravines to place plants and electronic devices such as skimmers and filters.  After digging, install these devices and make sure they are at the proper levels. Lay sand into the hole followed by the lining. Run a small amount of water into the pond to check for rips or tears in the lining, and then drain.

Finalizing the Pond

When satisfied, excavate any waterfalls or levels that you wish to add. Finalize the pond by adding stones or concrete walkways around the lip of the pond. Mortar stones if desired.

Adding Life

After the mortar or concrete has dried, add water and turn on all pump and filtration devices. Insert living plants as soon as possible and add natural bacteria from a store or a local body of water. Let the pond begin creating its ecosystem. After a few days, insert the Koi. Make sure that you have already introduced a small amount of the pond water into their tanks before putting them in the pond.