How to Build a Korean BBQ Grill

What You'll Need
A table large enough to fit a grill in
A small, portable charcoal BBQ of your choice
A metal frame to protect the table from burning
A saw
A pencil
A measuring device
A power drill
Half inch screws
A large piece of paper

The Korean BBQ grill is basically a normal grill, except it’s built into the table. This has long been the traditional way of barbecuing in Korea and has become popular in many other countries as of late. This guide will show you the easiest way to make your own Korean BBQ grill so that your family can enjoy this great way of eating BBQ.

Step 1- Preparing your BBQ

The first step to preparing your BBQ is to remove the lid. While some have the lids actually attach to the barbecue, you want one that has a removable lid. Using a screw driver or appropriate tool, remove any handles on the grill. Next, measure and write down the length, width and depth of your bbq. Flip your grill upside down onto your large piece of paper and draw a stencil of it.

Step 2- Cutting the Table and Frame

Use your pencil to mark the dimensions of your grill onto the table. The length and width are what matter at this point. Mark them out and use your stencil to draw the shape of your BBQ on the table. Use these specifications to cut the hole in the table. Make sure you compensate for your metal frame by adding an extra half inch to the length and width. Next, buy or cut your metal frame to these specifications. It should have four sides and a bottom. Each should fit the specifications, except the depth, which should be a half inch to an inch deeper than the depth of the BBQ. It should be a snug fit, but the frame should also sit freely in the hole with a lip covering the surface of the table for a couple of inches.

Step 3- Installing the Metal Frame

Now that the metal frame is in place, use your power drill to drill pilot holes. First though, you should place your BBQ in it to make sure it fits. You will need at least two on each side of the frame and they should be evenly spaced out. Once your pilot holes are drilled, drill your frame into the table.

Step 4- Installing the Grill

Now that your frame is in place, put the grill inside the frame. It should fit snugly and the top grilling surface should be just below the surface of the table. If the grill is not in there sturdily, find a couple parts of the grill where there is nothing but metal and drill a couple screws into the frame and the grill. Now that your grill is securely in the table, you are ready to cook on your very own Korean style BBQ.