How to Build a Ladder Trellis

What You'll Need
1x4 Lumber
Galvanized Wood Screws
Skill Saw
Paint Brushes

A ladder trellis is a great tool for growing flowers that are on a vine. This type of vegetation continues to grow and needs a place to climb. The ladder trellis provides a stable foundation for the vine to grow, as well as space in between the trellis' for air movement. Building a ladder trellis is an easy project for anyone to get started with. Here are some steps to take in order to build a great looking ladder trellis.

Step 1: Purchase Lumber

With a ladder trellis you want to have wood that is going to be strong enough to handle the weight of the vines as they grow. These vines can get to be pretty heavy over time so you want to purchase some hardwood 1x4 lumber. If you have a location in mind, you can measure the height of the section you want to put the trellis on. However, a basic 8 foot length of 1x4 lumber will be good. You will want to have 4 lengths for the vertical part of the trellis and 8 lengths for the horizontal parts.

Step 2: Paint Ladder Trellis

Before you do any work in actually building the ladder trellis you will want to take the time to paint the individual pieces of wood. This will help you in the long run. After you put the trellis together there will be a lot of spaces that are hard to get to. With the individual pieces of lumber you can easily paint them. Lay them out on sawhorses and paint as much as you can. Wait for them to dry, then turn them over and finish painting. 

Step 3: Cut Lumber to Size

The only cutting you will need to do is with the horizontal pieces. You will need to have 16 of them. This means that each of the 8 lengths of 1x4 that you bought for the horizontal braces will need to be cut in half. Set up a sawhorse and mark the 8 pieces in the middle. Cut them with a skill saw. 

Step 4: Lay out Trellis Pieces

Start with the vertical parts of the ladder trellis on a flat surface. They should be 10 inches apart. Once they are set into position you can begin to lay the horizontal parts on top of the vertical pieces. Start at the bottom of the ladder trellis and space them 6 inches apart. This will not only give you the spacing that the vines need for growing and climbing, but also provide strength for the structure. There should be a 4 inch overhang on each side of the horizontal slats.

Step 5: Secure Ladder Trellis Parts

Using your drill and the galvanized wood screws you can then secure the ladder trellis parts together. You should use one screw at each place where 2 pieces of wood intersect. 

Step 6: Touch Up

Over the course of building the ladder trellis you may have nicked the paint. You can touch up the paint easily enough. Once the touch up is completed, your ladder trellis ready for your flowers and vines.