How to Build a Landing Pad for Deck Stairs

What You'll Need
Plan or design
Measuring tape
2x4-inch floor joists
Plywood for flooring

You may need a landing pad for your deck stairs if there is not enough room to build a continuous set of stairs straight down from the deck. This may be because there is limited space or that your deck is too high to safely build the stairs straight down to the ground. If you plan carefully, you can complete this project in a day. Follow the simple steps below to build a landing pad for a staircase from your deck or patio.

Step 1 – Design Your Stairs and Landing

To begin, design the stairs as if there will be no landing. You must measure the height from the ground to the top landing and then divide that number by 8, the standard height for a step. This will give you the number of stairs that you will need. It is also a good idea to draw this plan out on paper as this will give you visual diagram to follow as you work.

Once you have the measurements, you can then figure out where you will put your landing. For best results, plan to put the landing in the center of the stairs. Calculate the center from the measurements you took above. The height of your tread will determine the location of the landing.

Step 2 – Build Your Landing

You should allow at least 3x3 feet for the size of the landing. This is the standard size of landings used by home builders and carpenters. If you want the stringer for the next set of stairs going to the ground, add at least 12 inches to the measurement of the landing. The landing can be larger if you want, but it should not be smaller.

Step 3 – Frame the Landing

Now that you have the size of your landing figured out, you can begin framing.  Frame the landing using 2x4-inch boards for the joists. When this is in place, floor it over using your plywood or other sub-flooring material. Use your level and square to ensure that everything is perfect. You will not be able to put down a floor covering if the landing is not level.

Step 4 – Finishing

With the landing and sub-flooring material in place, you can now finish the landing and stairs using whichever floor covering you wish, such as carpet or laminate.