How to Build a Lattice Fence

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Slats of wood
Circular saw
Screw gun
Concrete mix

Building a lattice fence is a practical way to have a threshold and a bit more privacy in an open area. Besides, this type of fence is decorative and appealing since its design provides quite a formal and classical setting. Lattice is basically where thin diagonal planks form squares, which are usually quite small or slightly larger, depending on you tastes. The smaller the squares, the more privacy it gives you.  

 Step 1 - Take the Necessary Measurements

Decide on the location where you wish to set up your lattice fence and take note of the necessary measurements so as to purchase the materials required to build it. While you should make sure to purchase some extra wood to provide for some allowance, try to take precise measurements so as to avoid any wastage.

Step 2 - Decide On the Material Type

A lattice fence can be built from various materials. The most commonly used ones include cedar, birch and redwood. Some can be found ready made, but in this case we will discuss the steps involved in building one ourselves. It is obviously more time consuming, but at the end of the day, it is more economical, and more personalization can be achieved.

Step 3 - Start Cutting the Wood

Once you have acquired all the tools and materials needed, start cutting the slats of wood according to the recorded measurements you previously took.

Step 4 - Attach the Slats Together

When finished, start fastening the slats of wood together by screwing them to each other in the right angles to create diagonals. You have to be precise to ensure accuracy and to acquire same-sized squares. You may opt to do this with wood glue, but since the fence will be exposed to moisture, it is better to attach the wood by means of screws, and if you choose galvanized screws, it will be even better. To speed up the job, use a screw gun.

Step 5 - Paint the Fence (optional)

You may opt to paint the fence. In that case, it is best to paint it before attaching the wood slats together, as it will be a bit easier. It is advisable to use good quality water-based paint. Applying a sealer is also recommended.

Step 6 - Build the Frame

At this point you need to build the outer frame of the fence. The lattice will be inserted in the inner area of this frame. The vertical sides of the frame will be quite tall since these will serve as posts, which will be inserted into the ground.

Step 7 - Dig the Holes For the Posts

Next, you have to dig the holes where the fence’s posts will be inserted. It is best to make them a bit deep since then you have to pour a concrete mix to further the steadiness and balance of the fence.

Step 8 - Mount the Fence

Finally you just have to mount the lattice fence in its place. Pour the concrete mix and let it solidify overnight.