How to Build a Loft Bed

What You'll Need
Plywood piece
Lag bolts

If you feel that your bedroom is small in size, a loft bed can make it more spacious than anything else. A loft bed helps you to have your bed at a height and reuse the space below it for storage purposes. In addition to the additional storage, a fancy loft bed can make your bedroom look beautiful. To make a loft bed you need to have some carpentry skills and the right tools. Follow the 12 steps described below to make a loft bed yourself.

Step 1 – Type of Loft Bed

Proceed to the next step only if you want to build a normal loft bed which rests on wooden posts. If you want to build a corner loft bed, in which the bed rests against the walls around a corner, the steps for the same are different from the following.

Step 2 – Choice of Material

If you are making the bed for your child, don’t use treated lumber as it is considered unsafe for a child. Generally, pine or redwood is considered a good choice.

Step 3 - Dimensions

Generally the twin mattress measures 38 x 76 inches. However, it is better that you lay down a twin mattress on the work area to use as a guide.

Step 4 – Cut 2x6s

Cut two 2x6s to a length of 76 inches while the other two to 37 inches. Now place them to form a rectangle with the larger pieces overlapping the smaller ones at the joints.

Step 5 – Form a Box

Use drywall screws to secure the pieces. So now, you should have a box that measures 40 x 78 inches. This will ensure some margin for your mattress.

Step 6 – Cut Plywood

Take the plywood and cut it to the size of the box you just built. Place it on the box and align it with the edges on all the sides.

Step 7 – Secure the Plywood

Secure the plywood to the wooden box using drywall screws. It is advised that you place the screws at intervals of 2 feet each.

Step 8 – Decide the Bed’s Height

Now decide the height of your loft bed. The important things to consider are the amount of space you need below your bed, the ease of climbing the ladder to the top mattress and clearance from roof.

Step 9 – Cut Posts

Based on the height you decide, cut the 4 x 4 boards to make the posts for holding the bed in the air.

Step 10 – Attach Box and Posts

Take help of some people to lift the wooden box and hold it on the top of the posts. Use lag bolts to secure the box with the posts.

Step 11 – Make a Ladder

Use 1 inch thick wood slats to make the ladder for the bed. The optimum distance between the slats is 1 foot.

Step 12 – Attach the Ladder

Use screws to attach the ladder with loft bed while keeping the slope of the ladder at 60 degrees. It is important to secure the ladder tightly for safety of the person who will use the bed.