How to Build a Loft in Your Bedroom

What You'll Need
Plywood and MDF (where applicable)
Measuring tape
Working gloves
Paint brushes

A loft is an ingenious idea to create space in any room and it is also fashionable. Today lofts are made in such a way that they could be practically built in any room of your house. A well-built loft in your bedroom gives the room a new sense of vigor. To build a loft you will need basic carpentry skills or help from a friend who has the necessary experience.

Step 1 - Planning

The first step is to plan well. You have to decide exactly where you want your loft. High ceilings offer greater opportunities when building a loft, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build a loft with relatively low ceilings. So always plan carefully to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Step 2 - Construction Begins

Place a mattress on the floor or something similarly big, to get an idea of the perimeter needed for the loft. Once the frame measuring is done you're ready to construct the posts for the frame.

Step 3 - Build the Posts

Posts are very easy to build, especially if you have done a similar project in the past. The size of the post is up to you according to how big the room is. Remember that the bigger the post in diameter the more stable the loft will be.

Cut a piece of plywood into four equal parts and screw to each other using simple butt joint or something similar. Repeat this process for each of the four posts.

Cut a 2 1/2-inch (6 cm) diameter hole in the back of one of the post. This hole will be used later to run the electrical wires. The last thing to do is to paint the posts and leave them to dry.

Step 4 - Assemble the Loft

Remember to use the measurements taken from step 1 to construct and space the posts. When the posts are dry, place where you want them to be (taking into account the measurements mentioned before), then cut two pieces of plywood to act as support beams and connect them to the longest side of the posts. Once the latter step is finished cut 5 to 6 pieces of shorter support beams and bolt them opposite the longer beams. You will want assistance at this stage because it is much easier if someone holds the beams in place and the other one bolts them together.

 Step 5 - Floor and Finishing Touches

You can use either plywood or MDF for the floor. Remember that if you use plywood, you’ll need to smooth it but if you use MDF this would not be necessary. Always countersink the screws so that they don’t stick out.

The last thing to do is to attach the finished loft and install some secure railings, which can be constructed in the garage or bought from your hardware store ready to be assembled. Don’t use the loft until the railing is complete.