How to Build a Metal Arbor

What You'll Need
Copper piping, scrap metal, or other metal you choose
Safety glasses
Work gloves
Epoxy, solder or other welding materials
Shovel or post hole digger
Welding gear (if not using epoxy)

A metal arbor will add beauty to your yard and give you a place to grow plants, like grapes or flowing flowers. They can be built from scratch or from a kit. Here is a list of tools, materials and steps to get you started on your metal arbor.

Step 1 – Preparation and Design

Put on your work gloves and safety glasses to avoid any injury. Then, decide how you want your metal arbor to be shaped. You can design it so that it is arched, square or round. Any shape will work, you will only limited by your tools and materials. You can design it yourself or find detailed blueprints on the Internet, or library.

It’s also important to know where you want to put your metal arbor. The area has to be clear of any rocks, dirt, grass or debris. You also have to dig holes for the legs of your metal arbor to a depth that will allow it to be stable and secure in the ground after it is installed. You can use either a shovel or a post hole digger.

Step 2 – Get the Materials Ready

Next, it is time to cut your piping or scrap metal pieces to the lengths and sizes that you need to create your metal arbor.  Make sure you cut enough sections to make the four side pieces, cross beams and the trellis panel sections. All the pieces should be clean and ready for the epoxy or solder. If it is not clean, you won’t get a good bond between the glue and the metal.

Step 3 – Put Your Metal Arbor Together

The pieces of your metal arbor are ready to be put together. Lay them out in the basic shape that you desire. Next, take the side sections and place one on each side of the cross beam sections. Then, weld them together or use your epoxy to glue them together, depending on the process you have chosen. Continue putting the other sections of piping or metal together into the shape you desire, and then add on the sections of trellis paneling.

Step 4 – Paint and Installation

Paint your arbor and let it dry before putting it into the ground. Once the paint has dried, it’s time to put the metal arbor into the holes you dug previously. Make sure it is placed far enough into the ground to remain sturdy and solid. Fill the holes with quick drying cement solution and let it dry. Once you are done, you will need to plant your grape vines or other plants. You can choose to decorate it any way that blends in with your decor.