How to Build a Metal Stud Wall Part 2 How to Build a Metal Stud Wall Part 2

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Aviation snips
Wide mouth pliers
locking pliers
Steel studs
Self tapping screws
Marking pen
Chalk line

A metal stud wall is what we are building in this second part of 4 articles. In this one we are going to give you the directions on how to measure for you top and bottom tracks, cut out a section of the bottom track for a door, how to attach the bottom track and how lay and install the top track. (To return to Part 1, click here, or to move ahead to Part 3, click here.)

Step 1 - Measuring and Marking

Using your tape measure, mark off where you wall will be. Starting at one edge, make a mark. Then on the other side, make another mark. Snap a chalk line between these 2 points and this will be your bottom track. Now we are going to do the same on the roof. Using a ladder, mark and snap the line directly over top the one you did on the bottom. Cover the chalk line in clear spray paint to keep it from fading. Mark the measurement of the of the chalk line on the floor beside it. Mark the measurements for the door opening on the chalk line. Do the same for the top. Measure the ceiling for the metal studs on the metal track. Measure the ceiling and then divide by two. This gives you the center of the room. Measure it off and mark it. Make a mark "8": off the center in both directions and then continue every 16 inches in both directions. Do the same on the floor, make them exactly under the ceiling.

Step 2 - Cutting and Installing the Bottom Track

Now you have your marks made, measure the bottom track from the wall to the opening of the door, and from the other side of the door to the opposite wall. Using your aviation snips, cut it to size. Do the same for the top track. Be sure to wear your gloves this metal is sharp and will cut easily. Lay the pieces of floor track end to end making sure to keep them on the chalk line. Using 2 /12 inch" wood screws, fasten the track to the floor. Using plum bob, from the ceiling chalk line to the bottom of the chalk line on the floor and snap the line between the two.

Step 3 - Installing the Top Track

Screw the top track into the ceiling. Every track check with the plumb bob to the bottom track making sure they are right on top of each other. Now that you have done this will we go on to the next part and continue the work. Make sure you are still wearing your gloves.

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