How to Build a Metal Stud Wall Part 3 How to Build a Metal Stud Wall Part 3

What You'll Need
Plumb bob
Chalk line
self tapping screws
2 2 by 4s
Cut of saw
Aviation Snips
#7 screws

In Part 3 of the metal stud wall we are going to cut and attach the wall track, cut and insert the metal studs, and attach the studs to the tracks. We will also finish up the door frame. (To return to Part 2, click here, or to move ahead to Part 4, click here.)

Step 1 - Installing the Wall Stud and Door Stud

Measure off and cut the studs for the wall using your aviation snips. Please keep your gloves on at all times while working with this metal. Measure off the stud to fit inside the section that you have measure off for the door opening. Keeping the flat side facing the inside of the door, insert the stud into the track on the bottom. making sure it is plumb with the top do the same.

Secure it to the track with the self tapping screws. Put the screw into the side of the track and into the stud making sure that you are still plumb with the top. Now do the same on the top of the track. Go around to the other side and secure each of the studs to the tracks using the same process. Now repeat on the other side of the door. Cut the 2 by 4s to the same height as the tack on the door. Screw one 2 by 4 to each of the studs on the opening of the door. Attach them just as you did before. You have just framed out the door that you are going to install after you have put up the sheet rock.

Step 2 - Cutting and Installing the Metal Studs

Measure each mark on the floor and the ceiling you have made for the studs. Mark and cut each stud for these marks using your aviation snips. To install slip the the studs into the tracks. Starting at the center mark starting at the opening of the door. Screw into the track and trough the stud using a #7 screw. Plumb each stud making sure it is level before setting the other end.

If it is not plumb make it so and continue on to the next mark and stud. Set each stud the same way as you did the first one. And then repeat it on the other side of the stud securing it with the screw. Use the ceiling metal track to frame holes over the opening of the door. Before you finish the screws attachment on the opposite side of what you have just done, check one more time and make sure that each stud is plumb with the top of the track. If it is not, reposition the stud to plum and reinstall.

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