How to Build a Metal Stud Wall Part 4 How to Build a Metal Stud Wall Part 4

What You'll Need
Plumb bob
measuring tape
metal studs
metal track
Aviation snips
# 7 screws
C clamp

In the final part 4 of your metal stud wall we are going to cut the header for the door, attach the header and finish up the project to get it ready to hang the drywall. After this you are going to be able the finish your room. Knowing that you have just finished a green room and saved not only energy consumption, natural resources and also made you home less invasive to termites should make you even prouder. (To return to Part 3, click here.)

Step 1 - Checking the Header for the Door

Now we are going to install the header for the door.Mark the door height using your measuring tape. Now measure the opening of the rough cut for the door. Take that measurement and add 6" to it. Now you are going to measure 3" in from each end and mark. Cut two legs on one side of the track and bend it back.Push down the 3" tabs. Place the track at the doors height and secure into place with screws into the stub. Level the track on the other side and secure it in place as well. Using your level make sure that the header is level and if it is not adjust it accordingly. Now you have all ready to hang your door when you finish with the wall.

Step 2 - How to Finish Up

Now that you have all your studs and tracks in place, you still need to finish up by rechecking how you did. Make sure all the studs are secured in place and none of them are leaning or out of plumb. Re check your ceiling and wall tracks to be certain that they are secure and you cannot move them about. Push and pull on the metal studs you have placed in and make sure none of them can be moved or that you did not forget to put the securing screws in any of them. Clean up any loose metal pieces and left over parts and screws. Make sure nothing is lying in the middle of the tracks that shouldn't be there. Recheck with the level and make sure all your walls are level as well as the studs, If they are not you need to fix them. When you go to hang drywall on a crooked wall it will not be easy nor will the look be right.

Step 3 - Getting Ready to Hang the Drywall

Now that you have done all your double checking on the security of your new wall, you can rest assured it will stand. Since you already have the room measurements and the measurements of the wall you will already know how much drywall you are going to need. Now you are ready to hang the drywall on your new partition wall. The only thing left you have to do is to hang the door and install the hardware.

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