How to Build a Mole Trap

What You'll Need
Jar or 2 liter soda bottle
Piece of gum or candy
Small shovel

If you have a mole problem, you might not want to spend money on an expensive mole trap. If you have some simple items lying around your house, you can make your own effective mole trap. With a little bit of experimenting and the right number of traps in the right places you'll be able to get rid of your moles very soon.

Step 1: Finding the Moles

Just because you have a number of mole tunnels in your yard doesn’t mean these are active tunnels. To find active tunnels, push down some of the soil in each different tunnel. Wait 1 or 2 days to see if the tunnel has been raised again. This is an active tunnel and one where you should place the mole trap.

Step 2: Build the Mole Trap

If you have a jar, you won’t need to do any cutting. If you have a soda bottle, cut off the top. Another option is to cut two holes on either side of the two liter bottle to create a tunnel with the trap at the bottom. This way, the top will stick out of the tunnel, marking the spot where you placed it.

Step 3: Set Up Bait

Use the string with a piece of hard candy or gum, Juicy Fruit works best, and tape it so it dangles over the top of the jar or soda bottle. This scent will attract the mole. If you don't have string, you can place a piece of gum on either side of the trap when it is set.

Step 4: Place the Mole Trap

Once you have attached your bait to jar or bottle, go find where you’re going to place your mole trap. Rub some dirt on the sides and all around the jar and wear gloves to eliminate any human scent. Dig a hole down past the tunnel so that the lip of the jar or soda bottle will be even with the soil at the bottom of the tunnel. Place the jar or bottle in the hole and fill it with water. If you don't want to deal with a drowned mole, you can leave the jar empty, but you need to make sure it's deep enough that the mole can't climb out. You can rebuild the tunnel with dirt or mud, but you have to make sure none of the dirt falls into the trap or else it won't work effectively. Another option is to put a piece of wood or cardboard over the trap to mark where you placed the trap and rebuild the tunnel without ruining the trap.

Step 5: Wait and Watch

You should check your trap daily. If you want, you can set multiple traps or experiment with where you place the trap so you can best trap the moles. With the right amount of experimenting and traps you can eliminate the mole problem in your yard.