How to Build a Motorcycle Exhaust System How to Build a Motorcycle Exhaust System

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Steel pipe
Poster board
Pipe Bender and heat source
Hardware and attachments

Making your own motorcycle exhaust system is not only a fairly easy job if you have access to and know your way around a few basic pipe-tools but is also an extremely fun activity if your results start coming out right. Unlike a car-exhaust system, a motorcycle exhaust system is external and observable which leaves a lot of room to make it aesthetically appealing in the end. Choosing the type of shape you want, the color and the finish of the exhaust system is up to you. But here is a basic step-by-step guide on building a motorcycle exhaust system first. Getting in the chrome bling can be done later! 

Step 1 – Measure Your Bike 

Using a tape measure take measurements first from the point where the head exhaust pipe will be connecting to the engine down to the foot pegs. And then take measurements from the foot pegs to the rear end of the bike. Your whole motorcycle exhaust system plan will be based on these measurements.  

Step 2 – Draw a Template on Poster Board 

Before you start building the exhaust system and even before you go out and buy the pipes, you need to make a template with a thick marker based on the exact measurements you took in Step 1. If you’re building a twin exhaust (on both sides of the bike), take measurements from both sides of the bike as the sides have different dimensions.  

Step 3 – Figure Out the Welds You will Need 

Using the template and a flexible tape measure, figure out the number of welds you need all along the motorcycle exhaust system. When you have this number in mind too, you will also have the total measurement of the pipe required calculated. You can then go out and buy that. Buy around 2 feet more than what you have calculated for error and bending. 

Step 4 – Bend the Pipe 

Once you have the length of pipe needed for the motorcycle exhaust system, you have to use pipe benders and a heat source to bend it appropriately according to the measurement template you built on the poster board. It is very important that you leave around an extra half food at the head pipe end so you can fit the pipe into the bender. Before you start bending, use a marker to mark where you will be making the bends. Calculate these marks using the template. When you start bending, make sure you do it fast but accurately. Bending back the pipe can be a very big problem and will negatively affect your results.  

Step 5 – Attach the Exhaust System to the Bike 

After you’re done bending, slide the muffler onto the exhaust. Use welding hardware now and attachment hardware to attach the exhaust system at appropriate points on the bike. Your motorcycle exhaust system is complete.

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