How to Build a Motorcycle Ramp Truck Attachment

A motorcycle ramp can be useful for much more than a motorcycle. You can use them for getting other ATV’s out of the truck bed or out of trailers that do not come equipped with a ramp. Ramps are usually made out of metal and are pretty heavy duty. They can stand up to most weather and wash off easily. Most motorcycle ramps also have some type of traction to make the tires grip the surface a prevent slipping. Having the knowledge to build one can save you some money and keep you from needing to use a spare board that you have lying around.

Materials and Experience

As stated, most motorcycle ramps are made from metal. To make one you will need access to metal-working tools and access to scrap metal. A 6 to 8-foot length of metal is sufficient for each side of the ramp. A metal grate the length of the metal track and about 8 inches wide is more than enough for this project. You can use two to three pieces if necessary to achieve the right length.


Welding tools are a definite must in this project. Proper safety techniques should be used to ensure that you do not harm yourself or those around you. You will need the tools to cut the metal to size as well as to attach the metal to itself in some areas. Do not forget that metal edges are sharp and that you should wear gloves when handling it to prevent cuts or from metal shavings sticking into your skin.

Rough It Out

You will want to have the framework of the ramp cut out before you start to weld. Dry fit all of the pieces together and make certain that they fit well. Also be sure that your metal grate will fit inside of your frame work. You do not want it on the outside because of the sharp edges.

Securing the Ramp

It is very important that you do not forget to construct a lip for the top of the ramp. You will need to make the lip fit snugly against the tailgate of the truck. Most likely a hole will need to be drilled into the tailgate to attach the ramp and keep it from slipping. This is the main pint of securing for the ramp so it should not be taken lightly. A motorcycle gets very heavy, real fast when it is falling due to an insecure ramp.

Finishing Touches

Grind down any rough edges, or cover them with a metal guard of some sort. It is also always a good idea to weatherproof your metal items. You should treat the whole ramp with a coat or two of rust proofing, whether it is in the form of paint or just a clear spray. This will help to ensure that you have a usable ramp for many years to come.