How to Build a Mudroom Locker How to Build a Mudroom Locker

What You'll Need
Table Saw
Tape Measure
Wood Screws
3x4 inch Plywood (at least 2 sheets)
Edge Banding
Wood Screws

A mudroom locker is a great place to store wet jackets and coats so that they will not drip all over your house. A locker is a good place to allow them to dry so that they will not still be soaking wet whenever you need to use them again. A mudroom locker is not something that is difficult to build yourself, with the right tools and proper steps.

Step 1 – Make Cuts

You will need to have three pieces of board that are 18 x 70 inches and four pieces that are 16½ x 18 inches. Once you have these you are ready to begin to make the locker for your mudroom. Make sure that you sand all of the surfaces so that they will be easier to manage.

Step 2 – Make Box

In order to make your box you will need to lay two of the 70 inch pieces. From there, get the tops of the pieces laid that are 16 ½ inches. You will need to ensure that each of the pieces is flush from the top to the bottom and the front the back. The end result should be an 18 inch wide and an 18 inch high box that is 70 inches long.

Step 3 – Shelves

Once you have the box made you will be ready to add the shelves. Get your measuring tape out so that you will be able to measure the shelves accordingly to your locker. Make sure once again that the pieces are flush. You will use the 16½ x 18 inch pieces for this task.

Step 4 – Attach Back

You will then need to get the back attached. You will do this by getting the last piece of the top put face down on the box. Make sure that it lines up with both of the sides, as well as the top and the bottom. Once you have it all lined up you will be ready to attach it.

Step 5 – Smooth out

Get all of the exposed edges and edge band all of them. From there, get any holes filled up with wood filler. Once you have done this you are ready to sand them. After sanding is complete it is time to stain or paint them. If using paint, use a forgiving color. For instance, white does not usually go well in these types of rooms. Once the paint or the stain has dried you can attach any hooks that you may want to have for coats or bags.

Step 6 – Install

The installation for these lockers is simple. Make sure that you get the lockers screwed in properly to each of the studs, as well as to each other so that they will stay in place.

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