How to Build a Multi-Dog Kennel

While you may not plan on leaving your pet in a dog kennel while you're at home, building a kennel may be beneficial. The reason for this is that many pets become frightened while waiting in dog kennels at the vet's office, or if their owners leave them in a sheltered kennel for a trip or vacation. Get your dog used to the idea of being in a  kennel by building your own multi-dog kennel. Multi-dog kennels are good for those families that have more than one dog, as they help to separate dogs out so that they can't fight or have any problems. Read on for the steps on how to build a kennel of this type.

Step 1 -- Gather Your Materials and Tools

You'll need the following materials and tools in order to build a multi-dog kennel:

  • Fence posts (one for each corner and one for each three foot space around the outside, plus additional posts for interior stalls)
  • Sledgehammer
  • Chain link wire fence material
  • Bolt cutters
  • Wire fence ties
  • Concrete and flooring material (optional)

Step 2 -- Design Your Kennel

Consider how many dogs you plan to keep in your kennel at maximum and how large each of the dogs will be. Larger animals require additional space as compared with shorter animals. Generally, the more time that your pets will be spending in the outdoor kennel, the larger the area should be so that they have ample room to run around and play. Think also of whether or not you wish to have a dog house or other shelter in the kennel area as well. Finally, you'll need to plan your gates so that you and the dogs can get in and out of the kennel area.

Step 3 -- Lay the Foundation

If you wish to have a concrete foundation for the kennel, lay it on a flat area as large as the kennel will be.

Step 4 -- Set the Posts

Set the posts in place around the perimeter of the kennel area. Have a second person hold each post vertically in place and then hit it with a sledgehammer head until it's about one foot into the ground. Be very careful that you avoid any electrical lines or water pipes that may be in the area.

Step 4 -- String the Fence

Cut the fence so that it's even at the initial point and attach it to the area where you'll have the front gate of the kennel. String the fence all the way around the outer perimeter of the kennel and bring it back to the front gate again. Use the bolt cutters to cut the fence here. Attach all of the posts to the fence around the outside with wire ties, but leave the last part so that you can open and close the gate.

Step 5 -- String the Interior

Next, string up fences for the interior portion of the kennel as well, being sure to allow for additional gates in between.