How to Build a Panel Solar Cooker

What You'll Need
Reflective insulation
Canning jar with lid
Oven roasting bag
Can of high temperature BBQ paint
Tape measure
Marker or pen
Glass piece

A panel solar cooker is not at all a difficult thing to build. The solar cooker is an extremely helpful invention. You can cook almost all kinds of food in your hand-made solar cooker. You just need a little free time to build the solar cooker. You can always change the pot that is inside the solar cooker if you want to cook a good amount of food. You can build a solar panel cooker by following the simple and easy steps described below.

Step 1 - Creating the Panels

Before starting with the process it is recommended that you use a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Now, take a reflective insulation sheet and measure out 3 feet of it in length. Next use a scissor, and cut out the desired length. Using the tape measure again, measure out 12 inches from the edges of the insulation and mark it with a marker or a pen. Once marked, measure 8 inches upwards from that marking on the edge of the insulation, and make a second marking. Using a scissor again, cut up to the 8 inch mark which you have just put. Now fold the middle section up to make a flap with a crease between the 12 inch marks. Since this part of the activity might prove to be slightly difficult, it is advisable to find diagrams for creating the panels on the Internet which are easily available.

Step 2 - Assembling the Panels

Take hold of both the remaining 12-inch flaps and fold them inward. Fold them in such a way that they form a floor or a base, which will rest on the ground enabling the reflective panels to stand straight from the ground on their own. Clip them together with the help of large paper clips or glue the three flaps together firmly and make sure that they will stand in place. They should not fall apart.

Step 3 - Working on the Panels

Take a large glass canning jar complete with a lid and apply a layer of high temperature BBQ paint. Apply the paint in even layers and make sure that the paint is not heavily applied. If the paint is heavily applied it can drop on the base of the cooker. So be very careful in applying the paint. Let the paint dry. Repeat the painting procedure and allow it dry again. You must apply a double coat of paint on top of the cooking jar to ensure it is covered evenly. Once this is completed, move to the next step.

Step 4 - Placing the Jar

Place the canning jar with the lid in a big roasting oven bag. Now, the next step is to place the cooker in a location where there shall be adequate amounts of sunlight available. Hence, once such a location has been chosen, place a large metal tray underneath the roasting bag which should have the cooking jar enclosed in it by this stage. Also, in case larger quantities of food have to be cooked, the cooking jar can be replaced by a bigger pot and can easily be placed inside the roasting bag. Hence, this completes the process of building a panel solar cooker, and your food should be ready in no time.