How to Build A Patio Awning

A patio awning will provide an easy way to provide privacy and comfort to your patio or porch. It can transform an outdoor living area into a place where people will love to be. Building a patio awning is an undertaking and best completed by those who have some experience with do it yourself projects. Here’s how you can build your own patio awning.

Materials Needed:

-Tape Measure
-Waterproof Agent for Canvas
-2X2 Lumber
-2X4 Lumber
-Wood Screws
-Electric Screwdriver or Drill
-Wood Dowels
-Fabric Marker
-Heavy Duty Thread and Needles

Step 1- Get Accurate Measurements

You will need to get accurate measurements. To do this you will need to measure the size of the patio from the ground up to where you want the awning installed. Also measure the width of the patio. If you have a large patio you may need to create several awnings to cover the entire area. Once you have your measurements you can go and get all the necessary materials for the project.

Step 2- Draft a Blueprint

The frame design will vary depending on the shape of the awning you are installing. You will want to design a blueprint or draft for the frame design and follow it. Consult with a contractor or architect for the best way to do this. Hardware supply stores will have professionals on staff that can help you with the draft as well. Remember that a patio awning will have different requirements than a door or window awning. They tend to be larger and the frame will need to bear more weight.

Step 3- Seal the Fabric

You need to prepare the fabric before you can work on attaching it. Since you are working with a porch awning in this case you will need a large area to work. Spread the canvas material out and apply a good quality weatherproof sealant over the entire length of fabric. You want to apply this to both sides in even brush strokes. The sealant you purchase will have specific instructions on how to apply it. Follow the directions closely to ensure you have the best protection possible.

Step 4- Cut the Fabric

Once the fabric has dried from the weatherproof step, you can start to measure and cut the canvas. The process is similar to creating curtains, only on a much larger scale and with heavier material. You will essentially want to create pockets that the awning can slide in to on the frame. This is the best method since it will allow you to remove the fabric if you need to for cleaning or repair down the road.

Step 5- Finishing It Up

Attach the frame (if you haven’t already) to the structure above the patio. Once you ensure the frame is secured and can withstand weight, you can start to attach the awning. The awning will attach to the frame studs with wooden dowels. Before you walk away from the project you want to check to ensure the frame is secure and the awning is well placed.

You can now stand back and enjoy your handiwork!