How to Build a Patio Fire Bowl How to Build a Patio Fire Bowl

What You'll Need
Mini barbecue
Lava rocks or any decorative rocks
Planter (either ceramic or porcelain)

A fire bowl can add aesthetic appeal to your patio. However, you may be put off by the high price tag when you search for this item in stores. Fire bowls are often expensive, and you may not be ready to shell out a big amount just to have this kind of fixture in your yard. If you are a DIY person, however, you can easily make an improvised patio fire bowl without spending too much money on it. All you need is a little effort, along with the right materials, to make your very own fire bowl.  

Step 1: Prepare the Fire Bowl Holder

Choose a planter that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The planter will serve as the base of the fire bowl. It will hold the fire bowl in place and will serve as its exterior. Planters that are perfect for creating an improvised patio fire bowl are those that are made up of either ceramic or porcelain. These types of planters not only possess aesthetic appeal, they also have properties that make them more resistant to the harmful effects of heat from fire. Choose a planter that is large enough to set the mini barbecue into it.

Step 2: Disassemble the Parts of the Mini Barbecue

Strip the mini barbecue of its accessories, such as the lid, grills, and legs. Set these aside, as you will only need the mini barbecue itself for the fire bowl.  

Step 3: Fill the Planter with Rocks

Put decorative rocks, preferably lava rocks, inside the planter. Lava rocks are best for use in this set up as they are highly resistant to heat. Fill the planter with the rocks up to a point where the mini barbecue can safely rest inside it.

Step 4: Install the Mini Barbecue

Set the mini barbecue on the rocks inside the planter. Make sure that it is not set too high nor too low. The top of the mini barbecue should be positioned right at the top of the planter. If the barbecue is set too low, add more rocks until the desired height is achieved. If it is set too high in the planter, remove some of the rocks until the height is just right.

Step 5 - Add More Rocks

Fill the planter with more rocks, making sure that the mini barbecue is well-surrounded with them. The rocks will keep the barbecue securely in place. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Make sure that no rocks will fall down to the mini barbecue bowl.

The patio fire bowl is now ready for use. If necessary, it can also be used for barbecuing and grilling by putting the grill back on.

Patio fire bowls can pose a hazard to pets, animals, and property. Never leave a lighted patio fire bowl unattended, especially when there are pets and children around. In addition, make sure that the fire has been completely put out before removing any debris from it.

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