How to Build a Patio Retaining Wall in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
French drain
Road base
Synthetic textile
Stone shims
Diamond grade grinder

When you are looking to build your own patio retaining wall, you will find that there are a few things that you will keep in mind. Building one of these walls is not something that is a very difficult job if you have the right tools and the proper know how to get the job done correctly.

Step 1 – Prepare

A slope that is about 2 degrees away from the home will need to be planned. The slope will allow for proper drainage. It is a good idea for you to call up the necessary utility companies before you begin to dig. The landscape will need to be cleared down to the subsoil before you begin. Construct a French drain to allow water to flow away from the house. Road base will need to be spread to allow the ground to become level. The road base will then need to be covered with some sheets of synthetic textile. This needs to be done so that the water runoff can be filtered and the road base can be protected. This will help to keep weed growth from becoming an issue.

Step 2 – Shape Trenches

The trenches will now need to be shaped out along the road base. The trenches need to be deep enough so that the border stones are flush with the sidewalk. The trenches will then need to be filled with sand and packed down so that there is a smooth base for the stones.

Step 3 – Wall Base/Front Border

Sand will need to be either removed or added depending on the thickness of the stones that you are laying. Make sure that all of the stones are flush with the sidewalk as well as the stones next to them. A slap hammer will be needed in order to get the stones set into the correct position. Use a level to check each of the stones.

Step 4 – Front Retaining Wall

A diamond grade grinder will be needed to score down any stones that are too long. Once you have ground them, break them with a chisel and hammer. After setting a course, check it with a level. Wedge the stone shims into the gaps whenever necessary. Joints from the course will need to be staggered to allow for stability. Backfill dirt on top of your berm as you go because additional pressure will be applied to the wall. Check to make sure each stone is stable and tight after you have set the course. You will do this until the wanted height is met.

Step 5 – Finish

Continue to set borders along the walkway and driveway. When setting the patio and walkway, fill are with sand and pack it down. Smooth the surface and lay out the stones and level them. Prepare sand base for the patio area and arrange the irregular stones strategically to allow for less cutting. Make cosmetic treatments to finish project.